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Folk Tale Stages ‘L’Autre, C’est Moi’

Folk Tale Stages ‘L’Autre, C’est Moi’
March 13
10:06 2018

Molosi will bring a touch of Broadway to Thapong on the Ides of March with narratives that feature the receding virtues of kindness and empathy


Theatre company ‘Folk Tale’ is steadily rising as the contemporary acting group to watch on the obscure local theatre scene. Aiming to push Botswana narratives to the forefront, they will be showcasing their first show of the year, titled ‘L’Autre, C’est Moi,’ come March 16 at Thapong Visual Arts Centre.

Led by renowned playwright Donald Molosi, the show – which translates to ‘The Other Is Me’ – will present four short pieces. Molosi explains: “We want to celebrate kindness and compassion because they seem rare these days. It is only through empathy that we can imagine and create a humanist world. Our previous shows have had themes like healing, belonging and untold African stories.”

On the narratives, Molosi adds that they draw meaning from the title of the show. He continues: “‘Tumultuous’ is performed by Kelesitse Mokgatlhe. It highlights the need for empathy from one’s spouse and how that heals. ‘How To Write About Africa’ will be staged by Boikhutso Molefhi, underscoring the need for the world to differentiate between empathy and pity. ‘Ngwao’ will be performed by Kat Kai Kol Kes, and this piece celebrates and interrogates the idea of compassion in Tswana cultures. Lastly, ‘Black Man Samurai’ will be performed by Atang Bowe. It is based on a real life story of an African warrior who led Japanese armies to victory because he felt a deep empathy for the plight of 16th Century Japan. He led with compassion.”

The plays are directed by Donald Molosi himself, Tulani Tau, Molibi Maphanyane and Moduduetso Lecoge respectively.

Molosi conludes thus: “People should look forward to a staged reading. It is a type of performance that is not usually seen in Botswana but one that is common on Broadway where I work. Actors present truthful and powerful narratives in this showcase, and it is perhaps the ideal thing to divert our attention from the stress of daily life.”

Entrance to the show is P50 at the door.


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