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Kgosikgolo edges on London call

Kgosikgolo edges on London call
April 18
13:56 2018

Highly energetic group Tswana Sanctified Voices has been invited to showcase their debut show ‘Kgosikgolo’ at the Thames Concert in London on April 26 to May 7. This follows their showcase in 2017, depicting the rich theatrical narratives of Tswana culture.

Kgosikgolo explores the themes tied to the appointment of a chief in the Tswana culture, from the homestead to the Kgotla, explains Basadi Masimolole of Celebrations of Africa, who has partnered with the group. “The musical is a celebration of Setswana culture focusing on activities that take place around a paramount chief’s homestead where the community gathers at the Kgotla, commonly through song and dance. It portrays the story of a young Prince who is about to take over from his late father and all the preparations for his coronation. It is a celebration of activities that are uniquely Setswana such as letsema, letsholo, dikgafela amongst others.”

The group, comprised of 54 members, incepted in 2016 after realizing the need for an ensemble that fuses song, dance and theatre to tell Tswana inspired stories. “Most of the members live outside Gaborone, yet, they always make it to rehearsals and other activities that are planned. Their resilience is contagious. They are keen on professionalising their craft,” added Masimolole. “Only 40 members will go to London but in future, we hope for all of them to feature in the production for international appearances.”

On raising the funds: “It’s been quite challenging to raise all that we need, especially with the date impending, but we are very optimistic that we have a value project to offer the international market. But we are persistent on knocking on the right doors. We are optimistic that the trip will indeed happen and Kgosikgolo will sell Botswana to an international audience.”

Thames Concerts (founded in the 1960s by distinguished conductor Louis Halsey) is a charitable foundation which exists to promote and present an annual series of high-quality concerts in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. Through its connections, Thames Concerts is able to bring world-class musicians to the Borough, and also provide an opportunity for local youth orchestras and choirs to perform. The organisation also aims to support musical education via our programme of music and other events.

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