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Sofn’free launches Infusions

Sofn’free launches Infusions
June 27
13:21 2018



Sofn’free, a leading hair care brand, has announced the launch of Infusions– an innovative and custom-made relaxer system for trendy hairstylists. Infusions comprises of breakthrough relaxer technology expertly developed for individual hair needs. It is designed to give hairstylists the freedom to create customised hair solutions for their clients.

“Our customers are women of all ages who love their hair, and always want to have the best look. The new Sofn’free Salon Infusions, is South Africa’s first-ever tailor-made salon relaxer system that offers hair stylists four personalised formulas for individual haircare needs. We were inspired by the need to grow the professional haircare category by meeting the increasing need for innovative hair care solutions in South Africa. We’ve produced a product that creates beautifully relaxed hair that is longer, stronger and silky-soft. It’s that effortless, ready­-for-­anything beauty that so many of us are often looking for,” enthused Noeleen Burger, Brand Manager, Sofn’free. “Of course we loved the fact that we pioneered and delivered INFUSIONS. Now the Sofn’free woman will have a fabulous winter and all seasons look thanks to INFUSIONS and all our hair products,” added Burger.

What makes it a great product for your hair are the 4 infusions that put you in control – OleoFuse (to Condition), KeraFuse (to Support), AquaFuse (to Hydrate) and GroFuse (to Renew):

OloeFuse: Formulated with an exclusive A+++ complex of natural oils – Avocado, Almond and Argan. OleoFuse deeply reconditions the hair cuticle to increase flexibility and deliver a healthy shine.

KeraFuse: Incorporates a concentrated double dose of protein molecules designed to replenish dry and thinning hair, helping to restore it from the effects of harsh treatments and environmental factors.

AquaFuse: With intense moisture binding active ingredients to smooth the cuticle, AquaFuse improves moisture levels and provides deep hydration for a silky, soft manageable result.

GroFuse: Hybridised with a blend of unique proteins that are specially formulated to deeply penetrate and lightly protect the hair shaft, helping to combat breakage and create longer, stronger hair with each application.

Infusions is available exclusively to hairstylists and Salons all over the country.  The 10 Head kit includes the following products:

  • RELAXING: 1 x 2L No-lye Relaxer Crème #1, 20 x 50ml Crème Activator #2, 6 x OleoFuse #3, 6 x 10ml KeraFuse #3, 6 x 10ml AquaFuse #3, 6 x 10ml GroFuse #3.
  • CONDITION & STYLE: 1 x 500ml Moisturising Conditioner #5.
  • RINSE & NEUTRALISE:1 x 750ml Conditioning Neutralising Shampoo.
  • TOOLS: 1x Instruction Leaflet, 1x Pair Nitrile Gloves, 4x Wooden Spatulas, 1x 50ml Scoop and 1 x Mixing Container.




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