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Woman raped while jogging

Woman raped while jogging
June 17
09:07 2015

A woman, 37, raped while jogging on a popular route in Howick in South Africa’s KZN Midlands, placated her attacker, convincing him that she was too badly wounded to raise the alarm.

The woman was hauled from Curry’s Post Road near the centre of the town and raped in a ditch at the roadside, watching helplessly as traffic passed by just 2m from her. The hunt is on for the woman’s attacker.

Sappi Karkloof Mountain Bike Club liaison officer Matthew Drew said that they viewed the incident in a serious light.

“Obviously this is a very serious incident and we view it as such. That said, I do not believe it will have a tangible impact on the way the forests and trails are used in the area,” he said.
“This is something that could have happened anywhere in the country. In this instance it was nearby the trails and we believe it is something that should be viewed in isolation.

“We will brief our community and club members about this and warn them to take caution. We will post further notices about precautionary measures that people can take and one that we advocate and have for many years is that people should run and ride in groups. This is not just to deter attacks, but in case of an accident while in the plantations.”

Earlier News24 had reported that the woman was an acclaimed business leader and had been visiting her parents in Howick over the long weekend.

South African Community Action Network (SACAN) head Brian Jones said: “She goes running every day and decided to go for a hill run up the Curry’s Post Road. She ran to the Tweedie turn-off and then turned back and when she was less than 500m from Main Road, she was rugby-tackled into a ditch by a man.

“He held her arms and upper body while pulling her into the thick long grass on the side of the road. She was pinned down and it was a full-on attack and rape at knifepoint. It was so out of the blue and from nowhere that it could not be prevented. This was done by a criminal who is a predator of nature and who was absolutely calculating.”

Jones said that throughout the rape, she could see the traffic passing on the main arterial road but she was in the ditch, hidden from view by tall grass.

“She could hear and see the cars coming past her throughout the entire ordeal.”

“Whether she had pepper spray or a gun; nothing would have made a difference. She thought she was going to die and she complied and did everything he demanded so she could save her life. With her making on-the-move decisions, she de-escalated the incident and survived it as terrible as it was,” he said.

Jones said that the investigation into the rape is progressing at a steady pace.
He described the survivor as “highly placed in her career and is a well-educated woman”.
“She has travelled the world and worked in the corporate sphere. She is still coming to terms with what she went through and her family has rallied around her.”

Police spokesperson Major Thulani Zwane confirmed that the woman’s watch, tracksuit and shoes were also stolen in the attack and that no arrest had yet been made. (NEWS24)


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