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Kang Ultra Stop is messed up

Kang Ultra Stop is messed up
April 02
10:52 2015

A dark cloud descended in Kang on Thursday 26th March 2015 after Kang Ultra Stop (located 268 km from Ghanzi on the way to Jwaneng failed to feed 15 hungry scribes who had gone on a gruelling 4-day Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) media tour.

It was quite a spectacle, witnessing Kang Ultra Stop staff, after having taken orders for the journos telling the weary travellers that there just was not enough food to feed them, and that they would have to wait for at least 30 minutes.

The group had already waited for close to an hour! Then the message comes that people would have to endure at least 30 more minutes of waiting for rice/pap with oxtail! And it was around lunch time for that matter.

That is pretty much messed up. Granted, some of the food ordered had not been ready made, the reason why people then opted for ordinary oxtail, beef and chicken stew with whatever starch Kang Ultra Stop could offer.

Now hunger has a funny way of gnawing at your stomach. It will beat a relentless percussion against your stomach walls until you assuage it. And a hungry man is an angry man…

No apology was given by the staff. The matter was taken up to the facility’s management for intervention. A certain Marisna and Johan Marnewick emerged and were told of the problem.

It was no use. They failed to do essential fire-fighting. They apologised but simply regurgitated what their staff had said – that people would have to wait for at least another 30 minutes.

In hospitality parlance, there is what is called customer retention. The least they could have done was to offer some kind of discount deal to the disappointed customers. They could even have offered a little bit of segwapa or roasted peanuts for FREE, while waiting for the food.

An ordinary rice/pap and oxtail meal at Kang Ultra Stop is pegged at P55, while beef/chicken stew costs P40 at the same place.

Simple mathematics tells you that P55 (oxtail meal) multiplied by 15 (palo ya batho-number of mouths to feed) totals P825, while an ordinary meal (beef/chicken stew served with pap/rice/samp) costs P40 (P600 for 15 hungry mouths).

Mind you, Kang Ultra Stop even accepts South African Rands (strictly bank notes, not coins) and the same ordinary meal at that eatery costs ZAR52.

Kang Ultra Stop restaurant claims it can serve a customer in less than five minutes (at least that is what the waitresses there said). They failed to serve a mere 15 people who endured a full agonising hour of waiting for food that never came. Now that is quite messed up.

This is made worse by the fact that there were accusations by a staff member that some customers had sneaked in their own beverages into the facility, which can seat at least 20 people outside and 20 more inside the restaurant.

It had been agreed by consensus that the team would make a stop-over in Kang from Gantsi to Gaborone for lunch.

The journos, after having been hosted impressively by LEA at Ekori Lodge (a stone’s throw from the Mamuno Border Post to Namibia) in Charleshill, Kalahari Arms Hotel and Tautona Lodge in Gantsi were expecting a pleasant 8 hours 30 minute (667km) trip back to Gaborone.

Boy, were they disappointed in Kang! Perhaps what made it worse was the fact that after having finished the LEA business in Gantsi, some of the group members were tired and famished, so Kang was the most ideal stop for lunch before proceeding to Jwaneng.

As the hunger-riddled drive from Kang to Jwaneng resumed, many kicked themselves for not having taken mopako (on-the-road food) from Gantsi’s impressive Kalahari Arms Hotel!

An order was then made for food over the phone with Nando’s in Jwaneng. They did not disappoint. In fact, Nando’s waitress Marcia impressed me the most. She even gave me an extra paper bag to put my food in. Kudos to Nando’s for feeding a bunch of hungry and angry scribes.

Next time I hit the Gantsi trail, I will buy mopako in Jwaneng, and may only stop in Kang to look at the donkeys, cattle and goats, or use the smaller eatery there called Route 66. It could be that it provides a better service.

One scribe even joked that the much hyped Kang Ultra Stop’s restaurant business urgently needs LEA’s intervention.


(Readers please note that the writer penned this opinion article in his personal capacity, therefore the opinions expressed therein are strictly the writer’s, and not necessarily those of Global Post. Global Post shall therefore not be held liable for anything that may arise from this article – EDITOR)


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