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Satanism dents education

Satanism dents education
June 04
13:45 2015
Kgosi Michael Molefe of Kopong

Kgosi Michael Molefe of Kopong

WALTER WASOSA – (4/6/2015) Satanism, poor parenting, incest, rape, alcohol and drug abuse have been fingered as the leading social ills that are said to be working against Kweneng region’s education system, particularly in Kopong.
An Education Pitso that was held at the Kopong village kgotla last week Friday unravelled astonishing revelations that students, some in primary school were reported to be in the practice of Satanism in the village.
Mable Sekgwa, a counselling psychologist for the Kweneng region spoke passionately against the practice of Satanism, which she said put paid to the region’s efforts to improve its education results.
The psychologist advised the village’s elders to put an end to these social ills, which she said had an adverse effect on national development.
“Some of our children are Satanists!” Sekgwa said, addressing the parents in Kopong, “I will not beat about the bush. Parents even fear their own children who practice Satanism. A child will tell a parent that he or she is a Satanist. The practice [Satanism] has taken root here in Kopong. This perhaps explains why some of our schools in Kweneng continue to produce poor results.”
In layman’s parlance, Satanism is the worship of a deity called Satan, in which practice there is a typical travesty of Christian beliefs and symbols (like an inverted cross). Most Satanists [also knows as devil worshipers, Luciferians (followers of Lucifer) or diabolists] claim to have their foundation in LaVeyan Satanism, named after Anton LaVey, an oculist, author of the Satanic bible and founder of the first Church of Satan.
Satanism as a religion is legalised in the United States of America, where in September 2014, the Satanic Temple declared that it would start distributing its ‘religious’ material to students in Florida “to ensure that pluralism is respected whenever the Church/State division is breached.”
The Satanic sect said in its press statement that it would ‘educate’ children about their legal rights to opt to practice Satanism.
Back in Kopong, Sekgwa cautioned parents against the practice of neglecting their children by living in towns, while leaving their offspring back at the village to either fend for themselves or be put under the care of their old and ailing grannies.
“Children learn what they live,” Sekgwa said. “If you parents leave them to work and live in towns, you force your children to become parents. They then engage in sex, unprotected sex at that! Your children start drinking alcohol. Some are raped or engage in incest – or worse, homosexual practices!”
Sekgwa advised parents to protect their children through responsible parenting. “You as parents must discipline your children,” she said. “It is foolish and irresponsible for a parent to dump children at school thinking that the school will fix them.”
Vandalism, Sekgwa said was also rife in Kweneng schools in which students ‘decorate’ toilet walls with lewd graffiti and insult teachers, while some teachers abuse their position of authority to rape the very children they are supposed to protect.
“This Pitso should produce desired results going forward,” Sekgwa said, quoting a Setswana proverb ‘Moroto o esi gao ele’ (loosely translated to mean – many hands make light work).
“Satanism, besides being an issue of concern in other countries like Kenya and the USA, is a reality in Botswana where cases have been reported in our schools in the Kweneng region,” Sekgwa told the Global Post on the side lines of the Pitso.
There have been reports that a student in Shakawe had to be taken to Nigeria’s controversial prophet, TB Joshua in a bid to exorcise the student of Satanism.
“This is a very serious problem in the country,” Sekgwa said, urging the village leadership to look into the reports of Satanism at Mmatsetla Primary School. “Satanism needs the intervention of both the Church and traditional leaders who must lead their communities to banish Satanism if our children are to succeed in their academics.”
Kopong village head, Kgosi Michael Molefe called on a united front to address all social ills bedevilling Kopong’s education standards.
“It is important that parents intervene and help us to find ways to fix the problems we are having regarding our children’s education,” Kgosi Molefe said in the vernacular when opening the Education Pitso. “It is sad if the results show a downward trend. Every year we should meet like this, re ne le seabe mo go goleng ga maduo a (to have a hand in the betterment of these results).”
The Education Pitso Village Extension Team Chairperson and Kopong Community Junior Secondary School (KCJSS)’s School Head, Tlhomamo Gaborekwe concurred with Sekgwa that the village’s results were poor.
“Our results are not pleasing,” Gaborekwe said. “This is the reason why we organised the Education Pitso to find ways in which as a community we can make amendments and improve on our children’s education. The community has an important role to play in the children’s education.”
It is understood that there have been reported cases of children confessing to being Satanists at Mmatsetla Primary School in Kopong. The school last year recorded the least pass rate of 9.5 percent, something which speakers at the Pitso bemoaned.
Kopong Community Junior Secondary School posted a marginal pass rate of 29.6 percent, while Molefe Primary School recorded a mere 17.2 percent, according to figures given by Sekgwa in her impassioned plea for improvement in the region’s education standards.


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