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Kgathi promises to refer Tutume tender body to DCEC

Kgathi promises to refer Tutume tender body to DCEC
March 07
08:37 2018


The Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Shaw Kgathi, will refer the tender adjudicating committee of Tutume Sub-district Council to the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crimes, Global Post has established.

This comes after the MP for Nata-Gweta, Polson Majaga, posed a question in Parliament about whether the minister was aware of the tender committee’s acts of corruption and maladministration.

Majaga asserted that tenders were not properly allocated thanks to bribery.

Infact, he said one person was awarded nearly all school tenders. This often resulted delays in supply because this person had a massive workload.

As a parting shot, Majaga enquired whether Kgathi would consider setting up a commission of enquiry to investigate these issues.

“I am not aware that all tenders were awarded to only one person in almost all schools,” was Minister Kgathi’s rejoinder. “The information I have is that 60 companies have been awarded tenders to supply 26 schools

“I therefore cannot, with any degree of certainty, agree with the Honourable Member that there have been acts of corruption or maladministration.”

However, Kgathi noted that from the information provided, there were worrying trends where two companies had been awarded to supply six schools, one company to supply seven schools.

Further, he revealed that information in his possession was that a further three companies were contracted to supply nine, 10 and 11 schools each, while the rest of the majority of the 60 companies were awarded to supply one or two schools.

Even so, Kgathi said, his ministry was not considering setting up a commission of inquiry to investigate these matters.

“I should however hasten to advise the Honourable Member to report any cases of alleged bribery that he may be aware of to the relevant institutions,” he said.

“In future it will be useful for the Honourable Member (Majaga) to quietly relay such information to the relevant institutions because when questions are publicly asked, it may prejudice any potential investigation that may ensue,”Kgathi noted.

Nevertheless, the minister said he would hand the matter over to DCEC with the hope that Majaga would cooperate with the anti-graft organisation.



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