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Rape accused claims woman is his girlfriend

Rape accused claims woman is his girlfriend
March 20
09:37 2018


A 35-year old man who is facing a single count of rape has told Francistown Magistrates Court that the woman is his girlfriend from their childhood.

However, according to the complainant, their relationship ended in 1998.

Appearing before Magistrate Thebeitsile Mulalo last week, Cheleketo Pitso said he had been dating the woman since their childhood and so was surprised that she had laid charges against him.

The court heard that on 12 May 2009 at Sepalola cattle post near Tonota, Pitso found the complainant enjoying traditional beer with her friends at a drinking spot. “At around 8 (pm), I told my friends that I wanted to go home to rest,” the complainant in court.

Whereupon Pitso dragged her to his house, said the woman who cannot be named due to ethical reasons. “Pitso threatened to assault anyone who tried to intervene when I was pleading for help,” she added.

She said Pitso assaulted her when she tried to resist going to his house. The 34-year old woman revealed that he once dated Pitso but their relationship ended in 1998. “When we got to his house, Pitso ordered me to undress but I refused, insisting that I was no longer his girlfriend,” she said.

However, she eventually obliged because had continued to assault her.  “He then raped me without using a condom.”

The two then spent the night together.

According to the woman, Pitso’s elder brother named Maipelo knocked on the door in the morning after learning from a neighbour of what had transpired the previous night.

“Maipelo then confronted his younger brother about the allegations that he had sexually assaulted me and he agreed that he had done so,” the woman said. Pitso then asked the complainant for forgiveness but she refused and said she was going to press charges.

Pitso’s elder brother, Maipelo, told the court that he did not know whether the two were in a relationship. “I knew my younger brother’s girlfriends but I have never seen this woman visiting him at our yard,” said the 50 year old who is employed as herd boy.

Magistrate Mulalo ruled that the accused had a case to answer. The case was adjourned to March 22 when Pitso is expected to bring his witness.

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