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Sebego Cautions BFA

Sebego Cautions BFA
May 09
10:03 2018

Former Botswana Football Association (BFA) President and Legal advisor Tebogo Sebego, has warned the association to follow the set statutes of elections as various regions gather for their elective mini-congresses, which are to be held this month.

The letter seen by this publication addressed to BFA CEO Mfolo Mfolo dated 19th April titled; conduct of electoral process for affiliated structures –nominations forms. The main contention from Sebego, according to sources, is a directive from the association’s National Executive Committee (NEC) dictating to various structures including the First Division, a nomination list to follow.

This has irked the legal eagle, Sebego, who is also the President of Notwane Football Club who argues that the NEC should not be seen interfering in the electoral processes as it is solely the responsibility of the elections committee. This is clearly stipulated in the article 1 of the BFA’s electoral code adopted on the 29th of June 2016.

Sebego cautioned the association, saying “the electoral committee shall organize and supervise elections process and article 6 reinforces its mandate on the specific tasks relating to the running and supervision of elective general assembly, including structures elective assemblies.”

First Division South, which Notwane falls under, is among the BFA structures anticipated to go for elective congresses sometime this month and this prompted Sebego to seek clarity on the matter. According to Sebego, the letter was merely a guiding tool in the procedures and processes outlined by the BFA statutes on the conduct of elections. “They seem to be getting the process completely wrong. I hope they listened because failure to do so will make the whole process flawed,” he said.

CEO’s response to the letter highlighted that it is, “not practical for electoral committee to handle BFA structural elections but rather the NEC should take responsibility.” This paper is however informed that some within both First Division South and North want the matter to be forwarded to the National Dispute Committee (NDC) for proper interpretation as the response they received from Mfolo is somehow, “misdirected and casual”. Despite that paragraph in his response which has left tongues wagging, Mfolo has assured Sebego that they will follow the set standards for elections. “We agree with you that the elections for structures should be conducted in line with the principles contained in the electoral code.” It further highlighted, “to this extent, the elections shall be conducted on the direction and guidance of the electoral code,” said a letter copied to the secretaries general of the two divisions.

Those who will be voted in office for various BFA structures will have a say and some leverage in the BFA 2020 elective congress at which a new leadership will be ushered in. It is rumored that the current BFA apparently interfering in the election affairs of its structures to be pushing their confidante to win structural elections who will in turn ensure their smooth sailing in the 2020 elections.



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