Anyone just anyone can claim to be a really great Newspaper so why are we confident that we are one?

Because we insist on

Integrity: Maintaining vigorous standards of honesty and fair play in the handling of stories

and treatment of news sources and the public. We shall treat disputed issues with impartiality.

Providing a forum for divergent views and opinions.

Accuracy: Exerting maximum effort to print the truth. Striving for completeness and

When a copy of a freshly-minted the Global Post finally lands on your hands, it will bring to 18 the number of newspapers and regular publications in this country of ours! But don’t let that worry you too much for there is no other paper like Global Post.

We GLOBAL POST seeks to provide for the first time in the history of media in Botswana a comprehensive platform for the xchange of ideas. Not just analysis, reviews and previews of national news but a global perspective of those news as well as bringing home what Global issues mean in the local context. Yes we will carry regular news sports and culture but with an international twist to it. Where Botswana is in the Global context and what does the Global world mean to Botswana This approach gives you the true picture of the Botswana and the world because Botswana is that cosmopolitan. This is our mission as we believe there is so much of us to share with the world and so much of the world to learn! And because we aim to reach the widest market possible, we have removed the cover price and are distributed for free. This is also because we believe that our content is far too important to have price as a barrier. But someone may ask: objectivity. Guarding against carelessness, bias or distortion by either emphasis or omission.

Responsibility: Choosing news on the basis of its significance and usefulness to the public. Avoiding purely sensational or trivial news, and accenting when possible coverage of good things that are happening. Clearly defining sources of news. Respecting rights of privacy.

Leadership: Acting with courage in serving the public. Supporting efforts by public officials and individuals to do good works in the community. Serving as a constructive critic of government at all levels.

Why this route? We have a very optimistic outlook and why not?

Coming from a country that has punched well above its weight in sports in business and in entertainment as well as being one of the most peaceful and stable countries in world we believe we must tell that story and also encourage those resident here to share with us honestly who we are.

A first time visitor to Botswana reading Global post should be able to know Botswana immediately but also feel at home coming out on a Monday, we also want you to start the week not just on a positive note but with a lot of information on what the week holds, our economic reviews and previews give you a very global view of the week. This is also a very fresh aspect to reporting in Botswana.

We are not just about saying this what happened, but we are about saying why it happened and what is its potential impact. Because we have such a global appreciation of issues, we shall from time to time focus on one or two areas of business to draw attention to it and to provide extensive understanding on it. This obviously means the occasional supplement here the occasional commemoration there. Less on glib and glitz and more on facts and figures it does not mean we will not make it a any lesser a pleasure to read but rest assured they will be persuasive and convincing. At any rate, used tastefully, nothing beats color and a spot of chic in layout and design. In the course of doing this, a certain synergy is usually created in what may seem a spontaneous process.

Nevertheless, we aim to add impetus to this verve by creating awareness around the force of your mere existence and implied potential to get ahead. Relevance and Dynamism are enormously important in Botswana where many businesses and industries are still fledgling and there is concern over the rate of economic diversification while job creation is often a poor contestant against rising retrenchments and youth unemployment. Hence do we aim to have a presence where the youth are concerned? To that end, GP will have sections on technology and computing, especially IT, mobile phones, I-pads, as well as motoring and health and wellness.

Profiles on successful young people in different areas of enterprise should show us that while the economy is far from firing on all cylinders, there is enough Get-Up-And-Go among all of us to get there.

• Distinguishing between the role of government as enabler and of the private sector as driver of the economy

• Courting Botswana Business as a partner in development

• Seeking the assistance of Botswana Business to find deserving businesses for promotional articles

• Seeking the assistance of Botswana Business to mount Supplements to Global Post on selected businesses

• Mounting regular advertorials on selected businesses in truly “winwin” arrangements

• Publishing profiles on personages behind outstanding businesses and personalities behind fledgling businesses A Fresh perspective a whole new world revealed to you we are Global Post and We are here