Africa Brand high at Madrid tourism symposium



The Africa Brand situation and its impact on the continent’s tourism is set to be the topic of discussion at the upcoming Tourism Investment and Business Forum for Africa that is to be held in Madrid, Spain from 17 to 21 January.

The business forum is organised by IFEMA, the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid, and will for yet another year become the stage for the 9th Tourism Investment and Business Forum for Africa, INVESTOUR, organised jointly with the International Tourism Fair in Spain, the World Tourism Organisation and Casa África.

Information from the Botswana Tourism Organisation  website shows that on Thursday January 18, there will be a full day session which “will discuss some of the most pertinent topics for the African continent, prominent among them the situation of the Africa Brand and its impact on the African continent’s tourism. As in previous stagings, the Investour Forum will cover two sessions, respectively holding two round tables and B2B (Business-to-Business) business meetings.”

It says the first table will debate on “The Africa Brand: Promoting Tourism Development and Investment Opportunities.” Furthermore, it notes that this particular discussion will provide an interesting context in which to share already-adopted political measures to successfully manage a destination’s brand.

“The second roundtable, with the title of “Biodiversity as the Driver of Sustainable Tourism: the Importance of the Community’s Effective Participation,” will identify an integrated approach to harmonise sustainable tourism with the protection of biodiversity and put emphasis on how to involve the local community in the efforts to conserve biodiversity.

“In this regard, the forum will also become a space for exploring and drafting well-established policies committed to developing sustainable tourism, maximising the benefits of investment and improving public and private collaboration,” the website notes.

The INVESTOUR Forum is expected to operate as an inclusive platform that will gather together and bring into contact political heads, international investors seeking business opportunities in the African market and project titleholders so that they can explore different and innovative ways of increasing investments in the tourism industry and in other fields of the tourism value chain with the aim of encouraging specific initiatives that contribute to developing the tourism industry in Africa.

This publication has learnt that over the years, INVESTOUR has grown and become one of the major catalysts for the development of African tourism in Spain. The last staging is said to have recorded a record 400 participants from 42 countries and 28 African ministers and delegation heads.