Boswa Energy to build 54 filling Stations


Citizen-owned energy and petroleum company, Boswa Energy Botswana is looking to open 54 filling stations in Botswana and across the SADC region by year 2022, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tumelo Sealetsa said during the Franchise Conference 2018 for Botswana held recently.

His company, which turned one this month, deals with bulk distribution, transportation and supply of fuels and lubricants.

“We are working on a filling station franchise network in Botswana and across the SADC region, with plans to build 54 filling stations by the year 2022. This will be attained with the support of our numerous strategic partners like Botswana Oil, Stanbic Bank, and the Botswana government, not forgetting the city of Gaborone,” said Sealetsa.

He said Boswa Energy will ensure that skills are harnessed and transferred to the indigenous Batswana owning and operating their fuel filling stations. Its aim is to build as well as assist those that want to operate their own filling stations to do so through franchising. He urged that Batswana need to be empowered with the relevant information, and believe there are many things that need to be changed.

He said at Boswa Enegry, they believe that there is a lot that needs to be changed. “We are agents of change in the industry. There are some things that as Boswa Energy, we believe we need to introduce, to not only make money but also to make sure that you are empowered to do what you are doing,” he said.

The company is looking to securing a notable portion of the market share not through patriotism but through the brand equity, its vision, and its values. “We will also make sure that we do a thorough research to understand the market in Botswana. We have done a thorough research to understand the needs of Batswana through engaging several stakeholders and also researchers in South Africa and Botswana,” Sealetsa said.

He noted that through engaging with Batswana they have found that there is a gap between Batswana and the energy industry. They have learned that Batswana have plots zoned for filing stations but they do not have the necessary guidance or advices to be able to execute the projects that they need to execute.

Boswa Energy has various models in which they will assist potential franchisees with. They have models for those that already have filling stations but need assistance to run them, those that have filling station plots but do not have finances to build them, those that want to rent out their filling stations, and those that want to sell their filling stations.