Choppies launches Blue Clothing



Multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, Choppies last week launched their newest clothing line, Blue Clothing, in an event that was held at Game City shopping mall in Gaborone.


The clothing line, whose designers intend to position it as an indigenous and exclusive Botswana brand, is a casual wear range designed for both men and women. The concept mainly revolves around offering customers, products at affordable prices, all the while infusing value for money.


Speaking to Global Business on the sidelines of the launch, Annabel Goncalves, who is responsible for the knitting and designing of the clothes, explained that the idea of establishing the Blue Clothing line was simply to provide something authentic and locally designed.


“We felt that since we already know that customers do their daily shopping at Choppies and basic clothes are out there, but there wasn’t anything on the mass market that is unique and authentic to Botswana. We then decided to do something that could be value for your money since most retailers are from South Africa and abroad, we felt it was time Botswana took centre stage from a clothing point of view,” said Goncalves.


She added that; “This is a brand we are developing for Botswana, and we want to make it an exclusive Botswana brand. Choppies is a Botswana brand and Blue Clothing will be available in 10 Choppies exclusive stores.”


She said their plan was to keep it as limited as possible until demand grew, but also pointed out further that these are high quality clothes. “At the moment, our plan is to take it slowly, we do not want to disappoint our customers and we would rather have it small for as long as possible and let it rather grow organically and not force it. We do not want to end up compromising our quality; quality is something that we have full concentration on,” reiterated the designer.


In closing, she said though many local clothing brands have come and gone, while others are still struggling to make their mark in the market, they (Blue Clothing) intend to create more platforms to engage their customers and have other special ways of making the brand more sustainable in the future.