HR to lead the wave of change – SHRC 2018 organisers



Human Resource (HR) has the opportunity to lead the change into a new world of work, this is according to the Progressive Institute, organisers of the Strategic Human Resource Conference (SHRC) 2018.


In efforts to discuss this further, Progressive Institute will on the 23-24th May host the 2nd SHRC at Avani Hotel in Gaborone where they will house key speakers from local and international companies, global experts, authors, policy makers and entrepreneurs from across the globe. Among the speakers will be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Institute of People Management, the largest HR firm in Africa, Debswana Diamond Company Managing Director Balisi Bonyongo and award winning journalist and author, Chris Bishop of CNBC Africa.


The SHRC 2018 will be held under the theme ‘Change, Challenges and Opportunities for HR’. Progressive Institute believes this initiative sets the tone for the new world of work “which is evolving at an unprecedented pace due to changes in technology, multi-generational workforces and global competition for talent.”


“For the first time HR has the opportunity to lead this wave of change. Developing leadership, engaging staff and managing talent are now business priorities that you hold the key to. As an HR Manager, your strategic imperative is to meet the intense pressures of today’s business environment and play a leading role at the highest levels of business strategy. HR needs to raise its game by re-investing itself. For 2018, we have engineered the Strategic Talent Acquisition Seminar,” it said.


CEO of Progressive Institute, Mmoloki Mmolotsi said; “We are excited and pleased that so many CEOs and influential leaders from the global HR industry have already committed to speak at SHRC 2018. Their experience and leadership in the international HR market will allow for critical and insightful discussions at the 2nd Strategic HR Conference 2018.”


He said the SHRC 2018 aims to explore new and emerging tools for big data and work force planning that will be the requirements for success in a VUCA world, as well as examine the challenges and opportunities of globalization and innovation as drivers for growth. It will also give participants an opportunity to learn how to foster employee engagement with research based best practices.


Mmolotsi said the two-day event brings together HR industry leaders and recruitment experts from leading brands and organisations in a unique one-day seminar designed to help recruitment practitioners take their talent acquisition strategy to the next level, as thus all captains of the HR industry are urged to attend the conference.


“The world is now revolving; there is a lot of technology. Why should people travel to attend conferences overseas when there are people here who can equally speak?” Mmolotsi asked rhetorically.