Madagascar Minister of Public Health Met with Chinese “Bright Journey” Experts

The activity of 2018 Chinese “Bright Journey” to Madagascar is now processing in a tight and orderly manner. On May 30th, the Chinese experts visited Professor Andriamanarivo, Minister of Public Health in Madagascar and the sides held talks friendly.

Professor Andriamanarivo said, China has provided medical assistance to Madagascar for many years and made great achievements, contributing a lot to Madagascar’s medical care and health development. The “Bright Journey” activity, as he noted, is different from previous ones, because the Chinese experts will donate medical instruments to local hospitals and help local medical workers improve their skills. “Such cooperation is what we need now”, Professor Andriamanarivo said.

Professor Andriamanarivo talking about medical cooperation between China and Madagascar

He also asked the Chinese experts to convey his thanks to the Chinese government and willingness of furthering cooperation.

The team leader Goa Xiang briefing the Bright Journey” activity

Gao Xiang, an official from Gansu Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission briefed Madagascar officials and medical workers the “Bright Journey”activity. He hoped the Chinese medical experts could help more people in Madagascar and promote the bilateral relationship.

The expert team sending “Fei Tian”from Dunhuang to Professor Andriamanarivo

After the meeting , the “Bright Journey” expert team sent the delicate “Fei Tian” mural from Mogao grottoes in Gansu province to  Professor Andriamanarivo.