Stanbic Bank easies home ownership

  • Pledges to cover valuation and bond registration costs




Stanbic Bank Botswana understands that as a potential home owner, one needs full support in the journey towards home ownership. As the financial services partner of choice, the Bank has embarked on a customer experience-focused drive designed to make home loans more affordable for Batswana. In an unconventional move that adds even greater value for the customer, the Bank has pledged to cover valuation and bond registration costs.


“We are constantly searching for ways to make banking a pleasant experience for our customers. We realise the importance of safeguarding your family’s future and our offer is just one step in that direction, as we strive to make the dream of home ownership a reality, and the journey towards that dream a seamless one,” said Wabo Moswate, Head of Products at Stanbic Bank Botswana.


He continued; “We strongly believe that Botswana is our home, and we drive her growth, and work to demonstrate this at every turn, ensuring that all our customers are given an equal opportunity to own a home. We remain, always, true to that belief, and our commitment is unwavering.”


The bank has indicated that it will pay for customer’s valuation and bond registration fees, which in turn will make it less costly for customers to acquire property. It has a firm believe that this makes the process of owning a home simpler and more affordable in many regards. Stanbic is a mortgage lender, “with a unique value proposition that is directed towards outright purchases, home loan take-overs from other banks and home loan top ups.”


Further, Stanbic Bank believes that since Botswana affords all its citizens the opportunity to own homes by receiving a piece of tribal land, the trend of home ownership is one that continues to grow. “A home means stability, it means security, comfort, joy and endless possibilities, and a financial services partner ought to help make this a reality. This view aligns with the Bank’s vision to serve as a universal financial services organisation that delivers, seamlessly, full suite of product and services,” the bank, a subsidiary of the Standard Bank Group, said.


“We are a bank that meets customer needs and creates value for them. We understand that we have a responsibility to go beyond banking by providing exposure, information and expertise to our clients, to foster an environment that facilitates their growth and success. As a team, we constantly look for ways to move Batswana further forward. What better way to do so, than to help them turn their dream of owning a home into a reality? Helping Batswana to own homes is just another example of our effort to place the needs of our customer at the forefront of what we do. We pride ourselves in being a customer-centric bank that changes lives for the better,” concluded Moswate.