December has stood the test of time as being a period of heightened arousal. Arousal is passion and passion has a symbiotic relationship with irrational decisions (Blurb)

We are so fortunate that government, unlike God, is not omnipotent and omnipresent. At least our government is not but I cannot say the same about the US government because it has proven itself to be God living on earth. All so mighty and powerful and aware of every things that go on in the world!

Without omnipotence and omnipresence, there is only so much that government can do to control us the governed. Our government, for example, has a keen interest in what people do in their bedrooms and sees it fit to dictate what is to be done and how it should be done behind closed doors. A good part of this perverted interest is expressed at Section 167 of the Penal Code of Botswana wherein acts of gross indecency are outlawed. Acts of gross indecency, if you did not know, are fellatio and cunnilingus.

Now that you know, you can now start wondering why in a country that has the second highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in the world, sexual activities that one, relieve sexual tension and two, are highly unlikely to transmit the most talked about virus (in Botswana), should be discouraged to a point of imposing a prison term for doing and attempting to do them!

It would definitely be very indecent to have to give government head. To begin with, where would one even start? With the head of government? Especially now in the season of gifts and donations? A very unconventional but exciting gift such would be. Not the boring cows and silly toy guns. And to put cherry on top, it would’t have to be declared.


In Pakistan, the government has banned events marking Valentine’s Day and media coverage of them for the second year in a row after the court ruled the holiday un-Islamic. The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority issued an advisory on Wednesday the 7th warning television and radio stations against any Valentine’s Day celebrations. The ban was introduced by the Islamabad High Court last year after a petition by a pea-brained citizen with a lot of time on their hands and money to burn who said the 14th February holiday was a cultural import from the West and against the teachings of Islam.

It makes sense, considering that Islam is a state religion in Pakistan and 95% to 98% of Pakistanis are Muslims. But that is definitely not what everyone wants because some people are not that dogmatic. Thankfully, not all hope is lost for the Pakistani minority that is not dogmatic. They can borrow a leaf from us, and the celebrations can still go on privately. Done out of sight of government in the same say that we perform acts of gross indecency freely and with no iota of guilt in the absence of government’s eyes!

Here at home, we are safe from such a ban. This is the part where we have to thank the external force that purports to be in charge of everything for not having been born in Pakistan because it is standard procedure to have our religion of choice be decided first by the geographical location we happen to find ourselves at and next when we have grown cognitively by the kind of idiots we want to be instead of reason and rationality.

We only have one great challenge, us lucky people who are not in Pakistan. Not only are we broke, but even if we had our finances in order, we are not motivated to be spendthrifts right now. January may only be 31 days but in reality it ends in March. People are still in the mood for saving and starting the year on a good financial note.

According to Fox News, Valentine’s Day is boring for people in relationships. One in four couples say their Valentine’s Day rituals have become boring. According to the research cited in the narrative, people need to up their game when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Almost half of Americans say they can even predict the gift their partner will get them. This research missed a fundamental point – that we people who are not in relationships are bored by Valentine’s Day too. We are bored by people in relationships celebrating this day. We find it very unnecessary and irritating and are happy to laugh at anyone who is in a relationship right now but cannot afford the day.

Finances are a big deal for commercialised romance. Free acts of romance lack the strength and effect that overpriced acts of romance have. They just do not touch the heart the same way. I really do think that people would like to spend on Valentine’s and be spontaneous but circumstances do not allow, the big circumstance being timing. Finances come second to this because people can overspend or burn money they do not have if they are given enough reason to.

December has stood the test of time as being a period of heightened arousal. Arousal is passion and passion has a symbiotic relationship with irrational decisions. Valentine’s should be in December when we all spend like there’s no tomorrow. But it is going to be this coming Wednesday and P250 for flowers is a lot of money to spend right now on the game of chance that is love.