The English Medium Alternative

Now, faithful readers will forgive the Social Podium this week, for sounding a bit serious! But, the to advice government to own up to some of his unwritten policies. Yes, government is a man! podium has a duty

The privatization of education is one policy that govey chose not write down and talk about. I have no doubt government knows how much his people love English, because government loves English. Govey is the one who brainwashed the nation into worshipping English. Depending on your age, you may know that in past life, some people never entered university, just because they failed English. There was a time when you were only as good as your English. If in doubt about this nation’s obsession with English, just “break” English once in a Facebook group discussion, where English is mostly brutalized.  You would think your Facebook profile was hacked as you helplessly watch a dramatic decline of followers and friends. Of course this is after they ridicule you for your Tswana Medium English. That’s how much we love English, and that’s why all our private schools are called English Mediums, and I am not about to break with that tradition.

I believe, when preaching the privatization gospel, our politicians lacked the courage to tell the people that not all privatization is going to be public. As a result, they have denied government the right to take credit for the most successful, yet silent privatization drive. No one can dispute the privatization of our education system over the past two decades at both basic and tertiary levels. The country has silently gone to the English Medium and unfortunately government in its reluctance to own this development has also forfeited the bragging rights for the A*s that have been pouring out of English Medium schools and the designers that have graduated from colourful innovative universities.

Because of the silent diplomacy on private education, govey cannot say, “this is our doing”. Yet everyone knows that English Mediums are doing well because govey has created a conducive environment for them to thrive. Some truths are better left unsaid, but we all know that the decline of public education is benefitting the English Medium. Shedding tears at your competitor’s funeral doesn’t deny you the right to inherit their customers. That’s if you even cried at all, because crocodiles shed tears too.

Govey has been labelled useless because of his failing education system. At the same time, Govey has been bullied by parents refusing to participate in their children’s education.  Teachers at public schools have seen children walk to school without shoes in winter, only to get sent back home for some reason or another. Considering these circumstances, govey has reasons to shed the public school and embrace the English Medium. Govey should even consider supporting infrastructure development for the English Medium to bring down the costs for the working class to afford their education. Private schools are in it to win it, and they compete for students with their results. A perfect Public Private Partnership opportunity!

But what about the poor? Well, if Govey leaves just the right number of schools to maintain, he can afford decent pay for the teachers who will have to apply and pass interviews. Nobody should just walk into an important job like teaching. The rest of the kids can go there.  Govey should stop being bullied by the public and shed some load. Managing an education system is not easy and this is no longer a civil service economy. Trying to explain bad results every year is more difficult than justifying the EVM. The English Medium is a master of this business and can be a great partner.

You see at English medium they don’t play games. They give you the school curriculum and constitution to go and read and swear to abide, if you want to bring your child to their school. The English Medium constitution has a very important clause, which is that “You will cooperate with the school at all times”. This cooperation is for the school to interpret. In general, it means you will always respond as expected by the school. The rules also tell you what will happen to your child if you don’t cooperate. Considering how we worship everything English, who wants their child to be kicked out of English Medium? Such a blot can jeopardize your child’s future ambitions. Imagine being described at a freedom square as one of the few people ever kicked out of English Medium!

At English Medium, all parents cooperate and obey instructions. Whatever they are asked, they do. Whether it’s a school trip to the family’s favourite destination, or a call for photographs, parents will gladly pay. Nobody asks who owns the outsourced extra-curricular services that they have to pay for. In any case these are small matters, compared to stories of Satanism and witchcraft at public schools. Plus, most working class parents grew up salivating at English Medium education. So, may be the “There is still no alterative” slogan really belongs to the English medium.