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March 20
07:59 2018

If someone who did not know Duma Boko read this wiki page about him, he/she would have a hard time deciding what is worth excremental fixation there. The conclusion would just be that maybe he is just like Ian Khama – much ado about nothing! (Blurb)

Count your blessings! Do not be discouraged if you cannot count. Count, anyway. Exercise some self-compassion. Accept that you are not responsible for your brain’s shortcomings, especially the left side, and understand that it is not a contamination that you can easily wash away with hot water and the Sunlight green bar.

Actually, it is not a matter of easy or hard; if you have it, you have it. So adjust to living with it. Be comforted that it is a contagion that Zuma lived with for years, without anti-retrovirals. He is a classic example of ‘what does not kill you makes you stronger.’ Cherish the things that nobody can take away from you. Life is full of itself and this condescending sense of its own importance is warranted. From time immemorial it remains the behemoth that enjoys the monopoly of endearment.

But life can be taken away from you, with or without your consent or input. By your government, a fellow homosapien, an ailment that handpicks you as a slave to master you into physiological and mental degradation until you give up, and so many other things that only death knows.

But one thing that cannot be taken away from us is our personality. It is not too late to send an apology to your previous lovers as well as the current for being a spinner of yarns and pronouncing that you cannot live without them when you knew very well that the only creature deserving of those words is your personality. That is what you factually and truly cannot live without. But then again, what relationship, both intimate and platonic, survives the test of time without being seasoned and garnished with some palatable lies?

Anyway, parents are wrong about a lot of things, among them their thinking that because they had to sweat to have us, they own us. But they are, or at least mine were, right about one thing: that I should give education the commitment and effort it deserves because nobody can take it away from me, not even the tender boys and girls will their filthy shillings. Education deserves a good portion of cherish not only because of the opportunities it gives us access to (one of the lucrative ones being unemployment) but because of this attribute, being with you wherever you are, forever.

When Duma Boko dies, nowhere in his obituary would it read: “He leaves behind a devastated Masters of Law from Harvard University.” He goes with it, together with knowledge of philosophy and Latin vocabulary. Yeah, well, the blunders conceived by his gentlemen’s relish may not be included in that obituary, but he would have left them behind with some sort of maintenance hopefully because no one wants to speak ill of the dead. Not even The Voice.

This past week, we learnt one other thing that cannot be taken away from Duma Boko: his heterosexuality. He described it as “strict.” It is absolute. Hundred-and-one percent unshakable. Like the faith of Bushiri’s followers. You see, if we had no diamonds in Botswana, Boko’s heterosexuality would be right there at the top as the hardest material to exist locally. Back-breaking to penetrate, strenuous to destruct. If sexuality was communicable, this heterosexuality would be the cure for homosexuality that Sharon Seno was talking about.

Also learnt this past week, by implication, is that Boko is convinced that he is in the league of Idris Alba in terms of being sexually attractive. How else could anyone perceive being frequently caricatured as being hit on. We cannot blame Boko for reckoning that he is a coital magnet of some sort. We should blame the mirror that keeps giving him alternative facts. This week, right here, you will learn about a wiki page on Boko’s bio whose URL is up there on the title. This webpage was created on November 14, 2015 at seventeen minutes to three of the clock. On average, it is viewed by 480 people per month. It has had a total of 153 edits, the most recent being on March 8. But an interesting edit was made in February, removing details about Boko’s friendship with Rick Yune on the basis that it is irrelevant.

Initially I suspected that MacDonald Peloetletse made this edit. A man who can copy and paste text hundreds of times on Facebook to drive a point home must surely have plenty of time to contribute free of charge to Wikipedia. I just thought it was a Eureka moment of irrelevance realising irrelevance. Unfortunately the editor used a pseudonym and their IP address looks foreign. If someone who did not know Boko read this wiki page about him, he/she would have a hard time picking up what is worth excremental fixation there. The conclusion would just be that maybe he is just like Ian Khama – much ado about nothing!

There is a lot that Boko’s praise poets need to contribute to give the webpage that Okavango Delta feel of a location worth visiting. Right now it just looks like a half-baked university research paper without proper citations and sources. It is a good exemplification of why Wikipedia should not be trusted, and I like the fact that Wikipedia does not expect you to trust it. They make it very clear that while some articles are of the highest quality, others are complete rubbish. You can visit it and decide if it is complete rubbish or just rubbish.




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