I do not have Thea Khama’s number. If I did I would have called her already to chat about that puppy that she found around Mowana Park in Phakalane. It happened around this time last year, first week of February. I think most of us, if not all were never aware of Thea’s depth of knowledge on animal psychology until she narrated how the puppy she had found is scared of dark-skinned people. How has the puppy been? Does it have a name yet or the temporary name ‘Poppy’ got permanent? According to Thea, this dog had already started recovering from tendencies instilled on it when it was young, by dark skinned people I assume. How far is the recovery? If Thea’s observations were anything to go by, this is a dog that would not prefer to travel to the area around the Equator in Africa. The Equator is far even, it would not prefer to go to Bokalaka, in the North Eastern parts of Botswana, because according to a map showing the distribution of human skin colour, that is an area where dark skinned people are certainly found. I use the word ‘prefer’ because the lucky puppy has now found a new home, where the rights of animals actually matter. It can choose not to go. Thea can just look at it and discern what the spirit of the puppy communicates. You dark skinned people are mean towards animals and you cannot conceptualize a setup where animals have rights. This is probably why, when Thea came forth and expressed how the dog is scared of dark skinned people; the reaction was to divert attention to racism, shifting the moral blameworthiness.


You just could not use the time to reflect on what could possibly make a dog be scared of a dark skinned person. Surely, if I was a dog, I would be scared of dark-skinned people too. Is it not dark-skinned people that assault dogs for no good reason most of the time? Like you do not teach your dog manners, then it grows up without manners you assault it for the sins that you have committed. Your dark-skinned neighbours also think they have the authority to discipline your dog, and that authority extends to the whole community. It is a highly regarded national sport in our community to treat dogs like absolute excretion material. If you want to appreciate dark-skinned people and their disregard for dogs, come at meal time, and the dog must eat the leftovers, the dog does not get a balanced diet and not even nice dog food for Christmas at least. It is such that if the owner of the dog skips a meal, the dog must skip a meal too or go hustle. In a community of dark-skinned people, dog hustle for food like we hustle for employment. Government ought to create jobs but government gets lazy to think and we suffer, likewise, the owner of the dog has to feed the dog, if he gets lazy the dog suffers. This is so common with dark-skinned people, no matter their denial. Before the member of special forces, Boots’ commendable work, I cannot remember the rare occasions when dogs were celebrated in our community of dark-skinned persons, but to all the dark skinned people who give their dogs tender love and care, you deserve a special place in Heaven.


It makes sense, why a dog would be scared of dark-skinned people, it is what dogs associate with us dark-skinned people that scares them, inconsiderate brutality and lack of respect. Maybe if we afforded dogs the respect they deserve as our companions and compatriots, we would have a healthy relationship. It is not just dogs that are scared of us dark-skinned people; it is a lot more other animals. On National Geographic channel, you see lizards playing with white people but when I want to do the same here at home, they run away and this is probably due to what people I have similar skin colour with have done to the poor animals, conduct which animals now associate with me due to my skin colour. Now, I was thinking about that dog because I’m hungry and I know that that puppy is living large right now. It is eating dog food that is stored in cans. I am sure sometimes it even gets peach slices dunked in custard as dessert. It has probably been on some calorie surplus and gained enough weight and strength to bite all the people who were on Thea’s behind about racism. I am happy for this dog. I hope I bump into it at the next rabies vaccine initiative when I take all the men in my life for their dose.