All generalizations are false, including this one”. What do you think? The title above is a generalization that has erroneous written all over its face. You probably thought I was careless. Well I would have been if my intention was to keep it, but I just temporarily needed it to put you right where I want you to be. Here! I’m still going to address the curse, but perpetrators are not African parents. Not all African parents are that bad. There are a few good ones who let you to keep the change when they sent you to the nearby tuck-shop. The legitimate title for this should have been the curse of being born of lazy parents. I must admit though that I will be more inclined to African parents with whom I have had an abundance of experiences but I am sure that they are not the only guilty ones.

I would have never thought of writing about this had I not met a recent research finding about the influence and repercussions of smartphones on intelligence. What is the name of the finger closest to your wrist? Are you pulling out your smartphone to get an answer from Google, because Google never disappoints unless you are asking it about the whereabouts of your monthly tears of the uterus after being a little offhand while you were three sheets to the wind? If your initial trail of thought was not looking at your hand then you may just be a victim of heavy smartphone usage. Odds are that you could be a lazy thinker and that confirms the findings of the research that your smartphone makes you stupid. Your brainpower is on a tea break most of the time, enjoying an indefinite vacation. Owing to how blind love is, you would not admit or believe this research. You are rather inclined to that believe a smartphone is the best thing to happen to you. Same applies to how we feel about our parents. The love we have for them, most of the time deprive us the ability to appreciate their negative impact on us. Overtly observable influences are talked about every day, but this latent one is rarely talked about. Lazy thinking! Seriously hereditary stuff!

Fortunately, lazy thinkers don’t give birth to lazy thinking babies. Unfortunately, the uninspiring thinking is contagious and can be passed on to off-springs as they grow and get accustomed to the environment. How many times have your parents challenged you mentally while you were growing up in a bid to make you a better problem solver? By mental challenge I do not mean them asking you and your siblings to eat one meal or less per day to prove your understanding and consideration for their financial situation while they are still saving to buy a Toyota RunX from Singapore. Parents generally underestimate their potential on the mental growth of those that they made (through hard manual work) and delivered on this earth. They tend to forget that a substantial quantity of learning happens outside the classroom, out of little instances that everyone usually takes for granted. In the end, the kids adopt the lazy kind of thinking. They reach a point where, you as a parent, can switch off the socket on which the television is plugged on and they would automatically believe that there is load shedding even though the light bulb in the refrigerator turns on when they open it, but they just cannot think of checking what could be wrong with the socket behind the television. This is a point where their thinking capacity is the size of a full stop, assuming it is dotted with a 0.5mm ball pen, and as a parent it would probably be your fault.

One classical example of lazy thinking on elderly people, which I dearly abhor, is the tendency to be reluctant to learn how to navigate around electronic appliances, usually the television, home theatre and the decoder. This is not only common on uneducated cadres, but even those who sit on boards of large entities. You can imagine when you are out at a party and you get a call from your parents, asking you how to remove the message DStv sends every month, when they have had a DStv decoder even before you were born. Something so simple! Usually after you say press MENU, they give up and request that you do it early morning since it irritates them; the defense is always “re go godiseditse gone mo”. I just hope there are people out there, like me, who are courageous enough to protest against this behaviour, let them learn lest they pass that kind of thinking unto you; prevention is better than cure.