In our previous article, we discussed the importance of a great customer service experience. Today we delve deep to explore great customer service in a couple of businesses.


In our opinion, there is nothing more important in eateries than good hygiene. In order to ensure you provide a great customer service, eateries must do the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • Ensure the restaurant is always clean-no matter what time of day it is
  • A host/hostess/waiter must be standing ready to seat customers
  • The food menu must come be handed to the customer immediately upon them being seated
  • For the ladies, it is preferable if the waiter pulls a chair out for them
  • The waiter must offer the customer something to drink immediately
  • If a customer orders something and a particular ingredient is not available, inform the customer before placing the order and offer an alternative
  • When the customer’s order is expected to be delayed, the waiter must inform the customer prior to placing the order so they are aware of this and have the choice as to whether to stay or not
  • The waiter must check on the customer regularly to ensure all is okay, instead of waiting to be called
  • Used serviettes and crockery must be cleared immediately
  • When the waiter sees that the customer has finished their beverage, offer them another one-again, do not wait for customer to call you
  • As soon as the waiter makes eye contact with the customer, that’s a signal for you to head over there


With retailers, whether food or clothing, the most important thing, in our opinion, is to give the customer attention. It is very frustrating to walk into a large shop and see no one in sight to guide you to where items stay. The following are tips to retailers to providing a great customer service:

  • Always ensure there is someone in each isle who can assist customers
  • When the attendant sees that the customer seems confused, they must go over and offer to assist them
  • When the customer appears to be carrying a lot of things, which happens a lot where one intends on buying one thing but while in the store, they start to pick other things, the shop attendant must offer them a shopping basket or trolley
  • Prices for items must be easily visible. Too often the wrong price is put near items and it becomes a surprise to the customer when they get to the till which then holds the queues
  • For clothing and other small retailers, greeting a customer as they walk into the shop and offering to assist them really goes a long way-it encourages customers to buy. I have often gotten into a clothing/shoe store and bought items even though I had no intentions of doing so simply because I received great service and there was a good salesperson

Above are only a few of the things that eateries and retailers can do to ensure that customers keep coming back to their store. We’d like to hear from you about what you consider to be great customer service. Email us as at info@multyviewgroup.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.