Parenting in the twenty first century has over the years proved not to be as simple as most had anticipated. Parents today are mostly faced with many challenges that in the previous decades were easily avoided.

Amid those challenges comes the heavy load of raising kids. Because of fast paced lifestyles people are leading in this age and era, parents are busy focusing on their careers in their quest to keep up with demands the twenty first century has bestowed upon us. As a result, this   phenomenon ends up making them miss out on the upbringing of their children as they are mostly not available in their homes, and the only time they get from their busy schedules they would rather just utilize it to unwind and rejuvenate their energies.

This gap is one that a local young woman by the name Goitsemodimo Maje saw and tried to bridge by establishing a child minding business called Aliglad &Co.  Global Lifestyle caught up with Maje to narrate the story behind Aliglad and what inspired her to venture into this rare business in Botswana.

According to Maje, Aliglad & Co is a child minding service that was established in 2015. She says she established the business upon realizing the need for an affordable and flexible child care service.

“As a single mother, I personally needed such services, because at the time I was not making enough to pay a full time maid and frankly wanted a service where I could pay someone for a few hours while I am at work. Aliglad & Co was born out of this, upon realizing the heightened need of a service that could enable single parent mothers/dads, working adults, business people and school going young adults to leave their kids with a sitter for the hours that best fits their need.” She said.

Maje also added that the inspiration to birth her business was also drawn out of her sheer love for kids, and the realization that with the right environment and facilities it could ultimately transform the kids to become better and dignified adults later in their lives, something that will impact the country positively.

As a newly established business, Aliglad &Co recently hosted its first installment function dubbed “Kids night out,” where they treated kids to an auspicious out-door movie night screening, and played different interactive out door games with them over some sumptuous snacks.

When asked how the event went, Maje excitedly expressed her gratitude to the parents/ guardians and even the kids themselves as she said the event was a success.

“It was our first event and I am so amazed and humbled by the turn out. The response from the parents is amazing as they think it is a brilliant and out of the box idea. They were fascinated by the ambiance and the kids could not be happier.”