Almaz collaborates with Thapelo Letsebe

The influencer is setting tongues abuzz with the BW-made smartphone that is light of weight and comes in colours of confidence


Picture this: An ‘interesting’ social media savvy person who posts what they do daily, snaps every product they use and meal they eat, Instagrams graceful poses and tweets to their thousands or even millions of followers.

That’s the typical life of an ‘influencer’ as we have come to know them. And their lives are undoubtedly fascinating.

With brand influencers gradually reshaping how we interact with products and services, the need to include influential personalities in marketing campaigns is at an all-time high.  This rings true for local fashionable makeup artist Thapelo Letsebe, who has been appointed digital marketer by Almaz Tech, a local gadget manufacturing company.

He explains: “Basically, due to the following I have on social media, particularly on Instagram, Almaz found it fit to affiliate their products to the lifestyle that I lead and promote. So whenever Almaz has a new product like a phone or anything of that sort, the public will probably see me using it and giving feedback on my profile.”

The proclaimed influencer, who is a makeup artist and stylist by day, says the collaboration is more than merely marketing a product. “The Sancy Pro is an amazing phone,” he says. “It has so many qualities that I absolutely love. First and foremost, I am a makeup artist and stylist, so I need crisp pictures to show people that follow my work and trust me.

“This phone delivers. It’s a 5.5 megapixel camera, so we can’t be expecting anything less. The battery life is also one feature that I look forward to. I am always on the go and the last thing I want is for my phone to die out on me. I can’t say a lot about the gadget but it’s ‘Almazing,’” so to speak. I just want people to experience the gadget and not to only take my word for it.”

According to Letsebe, people should expect a smartphone that is sexy, light of weight, one that comes in unique colours like rose gold and an item that is definitely an eye grabber. “It appeals to everyone – your young professional, your corporate executive and students alike,” he says.

“It’s locally produced, which is one factor that really excites me and I am absolutely sure that the public will be excited by this fact too. Above all, the warranty and service are available countrywide with well trained technicians of the Almaz devices and services on hand at the touch of the button.”