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An exciting winter at Gaborone Book Festival Trust

An exciting winter at Gaborone Book Festival Trust
July 13
08:20 2018


Winter is a great time for book lovers as they snuggle up and indulge in their favourite pastime-reading. In May, the Gaborone Book Festival kick off its winter book review series with Winnie Mandela’s 491, a journal published as a book detailing her 491 days of detention by the apartheid government.

Dedicated to the liberation of her people, Winnie Mandela has inspired and continues to inspire generations of men and women to never cease fighting for what they believe in.

The monthly book reviews take the form of a traditional book club. The platform further gives solo readers a chance where they can discuss their favourite books and meet like-minded individuals. “The Gaborone Book Festival Trust’s main mission is to foster a love for reading among Batswana and residents of Botswana. This main objective is supported by others being to bring readers, writers, publishers, thinkers together for inspiration, entertainment and discussion on key and light issues, to promote Botswana and African literature. GBF achieves this through four platforms , namely the school outreach programme, monthly book reviews, book nights and the upcoming and inaugural book festival on September 21 and 22,” explained co-founder of the GBF Trust, Kenanao Phele.

On June 30th, the Trust and its patrons spent an afternoon reviewing one of America’s leading television icons in producer, screenwriter, as well as author, Shonda Rhimes, who has chronicled her life in the Year of Yes, a book detailing the year she kicked her fears out and the gains that followed.

Phele revealed also that the July session of the reviews will feature ‘Botswana’s Top 50 Ultimate Experiences’ written by Thalefang Charles, which will be the centre of discussion, with the author also in attendance. Featuring Batswana authors across our platforms is at the core of our existence as a Trust.”

The August book review session will be dedicated to two contemporary African authors who will be in Gaborone at the time to launch their books and conduct a workshop for upcoming and aspiring writers.

“We are still appealing to individuals, families, companies and different entities for sponsorships, support and partnerships to stage the book festival in September, a platform which doesn’t exist at the moment in our city,” Phele emphasized.


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