Barclay’s Africa Day Pop Up Market


To shed spotlight on some of Botswana’s ingenious businesses and some regal wear, Barclays Bank hosted a Pop Up market event in celebration of Africa Day at its Head Office in the Central Business District (CBD) on May 25th.

The event featured a host of local businesses such as Nubian Seed which sells aromatic body and skincare, Maungo which presented its range of gourmet jams, traditional gemere made by Just Ginger, a range of local and international books by Sebilo Books, Exclusive Books, paintings and crafted jewellery. People also came adorned in vibrant ‘cultural’ colours and cloths.

Once called ‘Africa Liberation Day’, each year on May 25th, many African countries celebrate the hard-fought achievement of their freedom from European colonial powers. Between 1958 and 1963 the nation/class struggle grew bigger in Africa and around the world. The newly-liberated countries felt the need to express solidarity with one another, and in May 1963, 32 African countries met in Addis Ababa to form the Organisation of Africa Unity (OAU). It was a major political force on the continent until the 1990s.

This year’s theme was: “Winning the fight against corruption. A sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation.”