Eyes may be the windows to our souls but it certainly does not mean that we have to neglect the lids! Eyeshadow is literally life for me when it comes to makeup! I have the tiniest lids of life so enhancing their shape and making them look even the slightest bit bigger is almost always a pleasure!

The hype of playing around with different colours and blending an array of tones and shades is just another type of high! There are however different kinds of eyeshadow applications determined by the look someone is trying to achieve.


The halo eyeshadow application is literally as the name says. It is formed in a way that mimics a halo on your eyelids. Essentially darker shades are applied on both the inner and outer corners of the eyes and then applying the lighter shade in the centre of the eye. The key to making this look flawless as with any other technique is blending as much as possible. This look is normally very clean and soft.



The Smokey eyeshadow is probably the most popularly known out of the bunch with the exception of the Halo. Although people only limit it to darker shades like black, it can be achieved with different colour palettes. In attempts to create this look many times people end up looking like they have racoon eyes. They key, again, is to blend the colours thoroughly. Apart from blending, ensure that there is a soft transition from the brow bone to the lid itself. If the transition is drastic and too obvious the colours will look like they are floating on the eyes which is not what we are after!



This look is ultimately created with the illusion that only one colour shade has been used cross the eyelid. Although that may be done, you can also create it using tones that are very close together in range and pigment. There should be a slight notice towards the different tones. The deeper tones are applied in the crease with the lighter shade applied across the entire lid! This eyeshadow look is not always as easy to achieve as it sounds. It’s a close third to the Smokey eye to achieve in terms of difficulty. The plus side about it though is that its very flattering on all eye shapes and sizes.



My obsession for a good cut-crease eyeshadow is unmeasured! I live for it! There are two types of cut-creases which is a half cut-crease and a full cut-crease. The method of the creation is literally in the name of the eyeshadow. You literally have to cut the crease with concealer to make that divvy between different eyeshadows. This look is the first on the difficulty chart with regards to the detailed precision that is required in creating it. It needs a very steady hand and a lot of time but after all the work put into it, its very rewarding to look at!


Makeup is fun and should not be limiting. Play with different looks and don’t be afraid to try something new. Let me know what your favourite looks are on all social media sites at anthea_kingg! Stay beautiful!