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July 13
08:53 2018



We had a chat with GeeGee Straus and got all the tea directly from the horse’s mouth on what has inspired the spark that ignited all that he embodies.

GeeGee Straus is a 21 year old model, founder of the #BoysInSkirts movement brand and fashion influencer, full time Chinese Studies Student, dreamer, risk taker and future all-rounded entertainer. Although having to have been born ‘Gape Aubrey Khudu’, it was in the later stages of his teen years when he started out in the modelling industry that he decided to go with the moniker ‘GeeGee Straus’, as a way of separating his personal and professional lives.


“Apart from my obvious sense of style and choice in clothing, I’d say the level of confidence I possess has really turned me into the strong person I am because I’m not afraid to put myself or present myself out to the world fully. My individuality, work ethic and consistency with putting out amazing work with every project I put out as well helps me stand out from the masses. I believe I’m good at what I do, my consistent urge to do more and learn further have turned me into a force to be reckoned with.”


“I believe boldness and the urge to always take risks with what I wear have been the biggest anchors of the fashion side of my life, I always make sure I trust my creativity or craziness (as some may call it) when it comes to putting together clothing pieces and having to wear them,” he said.


He points out that he used to be the type of person to only put together an outfit at the eleventh hour prior to an outing or an event. He grew more and more fashion wise, and his mind has since evolved so much that every outfit he wears at an outing or event has to have been planned for. He states that his mind works round the clock each day, be it with fashion or building up new concepts for his next projects–an attribute to admire greatly.


“I’m such an Audrey Hepburn fan. Anyone who knows me well will tell you how much I adore her, I often say she lives through my mind and eyes, she has played such a huge part in the person I have become today. One other person who has played a huge role in my life definitely has to be Madonna. She’s well known for her risqué fashion choices and out of this world performances, and that’s one thing that has helped me be so comfortable when it comes to taking risks and raising the bar high with every project I put out. Casey Purshouse is also an honorary mention, she’s a young Motswana model who’s doing exceptionally well in South Africa, she makes me believe that I can do it too.”


GeeGee has worked with Empire Model Management for two consecutive years for their model scouting seasons. He couldn’t help but notice how much knowledge and skill was needed by models. This motivated him to start classes as a way of bridging that gap. He said he wanted aspiring models to show up at auditions well equipped. “Because this was my first modelling class ever, I was happy with the response and attendance although I had a bit of a problem because all the attendants were females, therefore, it was a bit disappointing that no aspiring male models came through. But despite that I was truly happy about how the class unfolded,” he said referring to the glass he held at the dawn of the month of June at the CBD in Gaborone.


“As a brand, it is important that I start expanding and tap into other industries. I am not one to doubt my capabilities and I am definitely taking my brand out on the international market so that’s something I’m really looking forward to. I’d definitely love to work with local brands such as KeNo Suits, WigItOut hair by Kelly Kathurima, R’alocha shoe brand by Aone Ditirwa and TronicArts Photography. Internationally, I would love to work with Amkelo Jiyane and Thula Sindi who are both designers in South Africa, SynEdgy Fashion house of Namibia, Anele Papu and Cedrick Nzaka who in my opinion are the best photographers in South Africa. Puma and Adidas are forever a dream waiting to come true as well, so that’s the goal I’m on achieving,” he concluded.


For more information about him and his work and brand one can visit his social media pages @geegee_straus across all social media platforms. His website is and for those who would want to reach him, do so at .



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