BK Proctor unmoved by ‘Unoriginality’ Remarks

  • Says his critics are themselves bogus because he has outdone himself


In the midst of criticism of his new shoe collection on social media platforms, particularly one pair that is said to be an imitation of luxurious clothing label ‘Balenciaga’ of Spain, Bokang ‘BK’ Proctor has shrugged off comments that his designs are ‘unoriginal.’

The producer-cum-shoe designer, who is currently in Asia to explore horizons and possibilities for his brand, has thrown back the ‘bogus’ tag to his critics. “To us at Collections, we have barely given any attention to the comments,” he says.

“This is simply because we know where we are and are following a well-designed plan. Our shoes are as original as anything can be. They are of high international quality and I sincerely believe our customers can vouch for us on that score.”

Even so, Proctor admits that in the designing world, breaking into the footwear sector can be a challenge. With brands continuously vying for shelf space, he says one must stick to one’s ‘plan’ which, in his case, is designing shoes with an appeal.

Regarding active collaboration after the launch of his two shoe designs, his plans are seemingly punctuated by travelling. “The most critical to us has been collaborations on solid local infrastructure establishments that will assist in future local mass production of our future designs,” he explains. “We are also looking to go international.”

Regarding questions around his craftsmanship, Proctor portrays an unruffled demeanor:  “We rarely pay attention to any of that,” he says. “As far as our designs and products are concerned, we have outdone ourselves and will keep on growing, meeting, and overpassing the standards we have set ourselves and those that our customers have learnt to expect thus far.”

For him, key lessons in manufacturing are never giving up and expressing oneself freely.