Boom Bap Resurfaces Through 16 Bars

Last week, social media platforms were pulsating over the #boombap16barschallenge – a wave of dares that saw prolific emcees and rappers in the game come out of their cocoons. Under two minutes, rappers had to put their lyrical prowess, top-of-the-dome skills and masterful flows on the table, or in this case, the beat. The challenge became viral to as far as the US.

The challenge was started by Wikid, a South African rapper, and soon surged through the Botswana hip-hop scene, with Stagga Don Dada passing on the baton of nominations to other emcees. The likes of Motswako Godfather Nomadic, Samba T, Zeus, Apollo D, Blain, Shay, Melo, Scar, Linxstar, Khwezi amongst other respected rappers teased on some classic hip-hop beats and had everyone pleading for more. For once, the current trend, ‘Trap’, was swallowed by this timeless art of boom bap.