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Bucket Hats Celebrate Local Artists

Bucket Hats Celebrate Local Artists
February 05
09:23 2018


Mostly associated with kwaito artists and enthusiasts in Botswana, bucket hats are a timeless trend when it comes to fashion globally. Now, the hats are making a resurgence with local initiative ‘100K Bucket Hats Movement’, founded by producer Karabo ‘Bally’ Leburu of HSP Productions – a movement that promises to change the arts industry as we know it.

Popularised by the likes of American rapper LL Cool J in the days of fashion label Kangol, Bally says he wants to make a statement with the trend. “The 100K Bucket Hats initiative is inspired by the talent we have in our country and how we want to build systems to support it. When you buy a hat, you are buying a piece of Botswana’s creative scene,” says Bally.

The hats, which are imprinted with some of Botswana’s established and upcoming artists in the industry, mostly from Leburu’s own stable, Heaven Sent Productions, which goes by the moniker ‘HSP’, are gradually making an impact. “This edition of bucket hats features stage names of upcoming artists. We want to shed light on the potential our entertainment industry has and celebrate our own. With other collections we are going to feature other artists as well. My passion in life is to see talented people eat from their talents.”

When quizzed on how the hats impact the lives of artists, he says that they are merely catalysts of a cultural shift. “There’s currently no industry in Botswana. I feel like we are tired of waiting for a saviour to build our industry when we should be doing so.” He also adds that the market potential for the bucket hats is promising as people continue to buy the hats.

“If you know you have what it takes to have your stage name branded on the bucket hats, send us your demo to this Facebook page, 100K BHM, and we will get right back to you,” states Bally.

Fashion-wise, the bucket hats’ appeal has never succumbed to death. As a tool to change a complete industry, it is definitely something we will look to Bally for to gauge the impact.

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