Desert Race Music Festival Disappoints


After braving the cold to bask in the presence of musical greats such as local kwasa kwasa maven Franco and bubbling sensation Sun El Musician from South Africa, it was more than clear that these acts were not enough to pull a dignified crowd to this year’s Desert Race Music Festival, hosted by Colours of Sounds this past Saturday in Jwaneng.

With the low turnout dampening the spirit and vibe of the event, all eyes were set on artists to pull the show off. The event featured a mash of local artists and DJs such as Motlha, Vee, Ivon, Dj Ricky Lamar and DJ Khenzo.

Revelers only started to warm up to the acts when Vee took to the stage, performing mixes of his old hits such as sekukuni. That however changed when he sampled songs of his upcoming album ‘Champion’ which the audience did not seem enthusiastic about. It was Franco who seemed to have taken the spotlight as attendees sang along to most of his songs like menemene tekele, madume dumelang, after he recollected himself and thrilled the audience despite the poor sound.  “It becomes difficult to please the audience when the sound is not the standard we expect. I make sure that I put on a great act despite the challenges, and Batswana appreciate my energy. Ke a inosetsa,” said Franco.

Headlining act Sun El Musician had only positive things to say about the Botswana crowd, of which he is no stranger to. “People sing along to songs in languages they don’t know so it’s quite a great feeling. I’m always looking forward to performing here because the reception is amazing,” enthused Sun El Musician.

The race seems to have garnered more attention from attendees than the musical festival. “The festival had its bumpy logistics but we managed to enjoy ourselves regardless. We hope that next year they do bring an assortment of local artists like this year and they should tighten how they manage the event,” noted an attendee.