Desserts and all the Sweetness at Ginger Pink

None other than President Khama was blown away when he took a bite of the raspberry and lemon cake!




With the baking business fast becoming saturated, creativity is the defining line of what make a bakery stand out. Best described as a ‘dessert thrift shop,’ founders of The Ginger Pink Cake and Sweet Shop, Kutlo Oabile and Isabel Gosalamang, offer what they explain as gourmet cupcakes and a unique assortment of cakes and pastry dishes.

 Oabile explains: “Ginger Pink really started off in 2013 under a different name, Cupcake Mistress. It was operated on a very simple model of just providing gourmet cupcakes. Unfortunately, Cupcake Mistress fell a victim to the nightmares of every start-up and stopped operating. The problem with having deep-rooted passion is that it never leaves you alone. In our search for purpose, we planned a rebrand, a clean slate and a renewed focus based on our passion for baking. In November 2016, Ginger Pink came to life.”

 The two produce anything from doughnuts, personalised cookies to brownies and inventive cakes. Gosalamang picks up the cue: “We don’t just bake cakes and cupcakes; we provide what we like to call a dessert solutions service. Ours is your one-stop-shop for all your gourmet cakes, pastries and dessert for all set ups and events. We have ‘Doughnut Fridays’ every week where you get a pack of assorted hand-rolled soft doughnuts. On market days we exhibit different types of desserts – Mexican (churros), Italian (tirumisu), South African (malva pudding). We want our clients to understand that we are versatile and are willing to remake any idea they may have. We follow trends and focus on aligning and adapting as quickly as possible.”

 Mainly baking from their homestead after they knock off from their day jobs, these women say the challenge to expand is present and real. “Our biggest challenge is finding space for our little shop and actually moving our business from home and getting the right funding to build the dream,” Oarabile notes.

 They say the greatest highlight so far is having the President eating out of their hands. Gosalamang enthuses: “Towards the end of last year, we got an order for our Raspberry and Lemon cake. This order came by recommendation. After delivery and the event it was ordered for was over, the client called us and informed us that the President, Lieutenant General Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, was at the event, had a piece of our cake and was just blown away!”


Ginger Pink aspires to keep creativity as a key element of their baking process. “Business has been really good,” says Oarabile. “We value the experience most of all. And just having your customer call or text you back that she loved your cake, cupcake or brownie. Diversity, current baking styles and a whole lot of sweet treats that pack a punch are what people should expect from us. We look forward to opening our little shop in the near future just so we can be open to our clients in the way we envision it. We really put an effort into what we make and the taste and the products used to make the final outcome.”