Feine is an AfriMusic Award finalist

… thanks to “Coloured Skin,” her song that pays tribute to black skin


BOMU award winner Kenaleone ‘Feine’  Mosekiemang  is a finalist for the coveted AfriMusic Song Contest. Her song, Coloured Skin, which illuminates her love for black skin, has ensured the R&B singer’s return to the entertainment scene after quite a spell.

“I truly feel great about being nominated,” she begins rather obviously. “It means a lot to me personally and to my career. AfriMusic is a global platform, which means more people will be exposed to my talent and music. So I am excited about the publicity, and more importantly, the chance to win the award.”

Feine adds that although she does have plans of releasing a solid project in the near future, for now she is taking advantage of the opportunity presented by AfriMusic.  “The AfriMusic Song Contest is the first and largest online music competition that celebrates and recognises the talent of songwriters and performers from the African continent,” she explains.

“The vision is to set up a digital platform for songwriters and artists from Africa, rewarding the best song. For its inaugural year, the AfriMusic Song Contest will be held on digital platforms. Ultimately the goal is to create song festivals in each of the participating countries for national selections and then set up final rounds through a concert that will take place in the winning country of the previous edition.”

Voting for the finals will take place from 15 to 29 March 2018. For more information, visit https://www.ceprsvpsolutions.co