Holiday Camp: Helping Kids Explore Freely

“When schools are closed, there’s so little for the kids to do”


With children often jaded and bored during school holidays, it may be evident that both parents and children do not know how to go about the month long breaks. To remedy this, events concierge Michelle Phetlhe and owner of ESTeRES Boutique Agency who was once a teacher aid, took her love for Do-It-Yourself arts and crafts and incepted weekend holiday camps to enable kids to keep busy.

“When schools are closed, there’s so little for the kids to do. This became very evident to me being a mom of 5 year old and 2 year old,” stated Phetlhe.

Highlighting that the camps give parents the opportunity to get a ‘breather’ while allowing their kids to do something a little different during school holidays, she notes that as children spend so much time indoors these days, holiday camp provides a wonderful opportunity to get outside and explore freely.

ESTeRES has been hosting successful weekend holiday camps since 2017. “Holiday Camp sets aside all expectations, helps kids build self-confidence and self-esteem by removing the kind of intellectual, physical and social competition that shapes lives at school. With non-competitive activities and diverse opportunities to succeed, there is an achievement every day.” She added: “Coming to holiday camp means joining our community where everyone must agree to cooperate, understand and respect each other. When they live with others, kids share duties/chores, resolve conflict, and see firsthand the importance of good communication. When children take a break from mobiles, TVs, and the internet, they develop the ability of engaging with the real world, real activities, real people and real emotions,”

She said activities range from games, hiking, yoga, storytelling, to dance, star gazing, cloud watching and cookery—activities which she finds ideal and perfect for children between the ages of 4 and 10.

“The destination is an estate in Lentsweletau 30km from Gaborone. There are chalets with in suite bathrooms which is where the camping will take place, a main house with a kitchen where meals will be prepared, a braai area for bonfires and outdoor cooking and a hall and the great outdoors for activities,” explained Phetlhe.

“Camps will be from Saturday morning till Sunday evening.  Kids between ages 4 and 10 are welcome. There will be breakfast, lunch and supper with Halal meals on request. The camp experience will cost P650 per weekend.”

For more on the camp, visit their Facebook page Holiday School Weekend Camps or contact 71619565.