‘Kgotla’ makes its debut

Kgotla, the meeting place, will make its debut on May 24th at Maitisong Theatre. The musical, which portrays and emanates life in a day at the Kgotla, is inspired by the unique, timeless concept of the Kgotla, says director Andy Batshogile.


A form of tribal gathering that has been used in Botswana for centuries, the Kgotla allows everyone to have their say, explains Batshogile: “The community helps the leader come to a decision everyone accepts and supports. It’s a sacred and communal place for many facets of daily life in the village. This is what inspired the angle we took.”

Performed by 18 singers, he adds that the team took a whole year preparing the play. “We have been working on our singing and acting for the last year, and it’s been a learning, inspiring journey,” added Batshogile.

Throughout the thematic structure of the play, they depict scenes from the introduction of the chief, to ways through which imploring the ‘Divine One’ for rain was done. “There’s a wedding scene, Dikgafela and even a place for disciplinary measures by the Kgosi,” he notes.

Batshogile, through his company Southring Road Media, also collaborated with other local artists such as: Poetess Phopho as the narrator; percussions by Lucky Ramoloko and Dingalo Mpolaisi, and pianist Lamech Nwako.

Tickets to the show are currently available at Maitisong and Webtickets.