Maungo Craft Shortlisted For World Marmalade Awards


Local gourmet jam maker, Maungo Craft, was shortlisted for eclectic unique awards, The World’s Original Marmalade Awards, which were held on March 17th-18th at the Dalemian Mansion in London. The duo behind the jams made a special Morula infused marmalade treat with edible glitter for the festival.

The story goes that marmalade was invented in 1700, when a storm-damaged Spanish ship, carrying Seville oranges, sought refuge in Dundee harbour. The cargo was sold off cheaply to James Keiller, a down-on-his-luck local merchant, whose wife turned it into a preserve.

“We feel very lucky and honoured to have been shortlisted on a world stage competition. It has opened up possibilities for us,” states Bonolo Monthe and Olayemi Aganga.

These quirky awards were founded in 2005 by Jane Hasell-McCosh with the initial idea of preserving, growing and widening one of the most British of customs – making marmalade. The Artisan Awards promote small scale marmalade makers using the open-pan method. Judged by an esteemed panel, these prestigious Awards put marmalade makers on the map, and winners can display their Gold, Silver or Bronze Award roundel on their jars, a huge marketing gift that declares their marmalade one of the best quality preserves in the world.