Meat, meat and more meat at The Meat Extravaganza!

Journalists will swear by their mighty pens, microphones and cameras that the press conference was a roaring and munching success that set the stage for what is likely to become a unique tourist attraction with much entertainment value


The SAMKET Group held a press conference with a difference whose setting were farms that form an exotic outback in the vicinage of Gaborone on that sunny Friday of January 12.

The press contingent in attendance at a preview of what is to be called The Meat Extravaganza got to enjoy a taste of the succulent meat-oriented event that blended well with the camping and music on offer.

But according to the head of marketing at a meat distribution and export company that is behind the show, all that scrumptious meat and gambolling were only a taste of things to come. The main event, said Lebopo Bulayani of the SAMKET Group, will be on March 31 when people will not have to worry about time, transport or transport.

Bulayani explains: “Transport will be provided for those not driving or from outside town from Riverwalk to the farm. A tour of Gaborone will be a part of the package.”

The press conference, which was clearly designed to catch the eye of the stakeholder and whet the appetite, became a display of various meats that brought to the fore the carnivorous nature of humanity and its predilection for life in the African outback in which Botswana enjoys a leading role because the people are an alfresco lot.

As a prelude to greater things to come on March 31, Hence Bulayani said advertising would extensive and reach the far-flung resort towns of Maun and Kasane. “We aim to have of 3500 people or more,” he says, noting that a lot will depend on both the quantity and quality of sponsors.  “We are not yet at the stage where we can say who is on board because more are still coming forward.”

While the same goes for the identity of the artists, security for both life, limb and property will be assured. “We will provide tight security for people and their belongings,” she said at the press conference. “Since it’s our first of what we hope will become an annual event, we will engage students of tourism from different institutions. The idea is that the students will use their experience with SAMKET to become independent rather than look to the government for jobs.”

Tickets to the Meat Extravaganza are already on sale at several outlets countrywide for purchase.

For more on the event, go to the Facebook Page of The Meat Extravaganza.