Organic Naturals Skincare in Place for Healthy Skin

Malebogo Ratladi
Your skin is what people see and stands to represent you first when they get to know you hence
the everyday emphasis on investment on a healthy looking skin. Therefore investing in skin car
has become a business output and input for humanity for ages. Looking flawless, immaculate and
smooth has been a norm for skincare products adverts hyperboles. But that is not enough as the
issue is not just skin deep as many think.
“To want a good skin is an under statement because that is in the eyes of the beholder, rather aim
to have a healthy skin which is moisturized, supple and has sun screen applied to,” said the
founding director of Organic Naturals Skincare Dintle Moreki.
Organic Naturals Skincare is a local manufacturing skincare company that started operation in
2019. But it was birthed in 2016 by Moreki, whose innovation started with her battle with the
skin disease of acne. She said her personal struggle which could have not only bruised her skin
but her confidence, like a problem solving entrepreneur that she became, decided to come with a
skin products that is specified for the African hot weather.
At Organic Naturals they believe the best love one can give to their skin is to develop a skin care
routine and not just to apply sun screen. The first product Moreki produced under Organic
Naturals Skin care was a scrub and exfoliants, today the brand has bar soaps of different flavors
or essence, toners and serums.
“We are a manufacturing company that uses indigenous plants such as Moringa and baobab to
manufacture skincare products offering an organic, skin retaining product to our end user.” She
said their products are considered natural and organic harvested by farmers across Botswana.
What started as self-made solution is now an answer to many people suffering skin problems as
Moreki has a huge clientele countrywide. Moreki says Organic Naturals Skincare exists to
empower African women and men to show up confidently. “Our Products are designed to solve a
specific skin need and for every skin need, we hold a consultation.”