Seeretsi & The Natives: On the Threshold of a Second Album

Says the soft-spoken muso and singer of his project that is he is producing in collaboration with a native of Sweden named Mikael Rosen, electric guitarist Gomotsegang Rapoo, Sakkie Nonong on bass and Leroy Nyoni on drums: “It’s about matshelo a batho ko gae. ‘Maobenka’ captures the spirit of the album” (Blurb)


In every respect, folklore music remains a treasured genre in Botswana. Edging on its contemporary interpretation is prolific Motswana musician, Tomeletso Seeretsi, who won the hearts of many with his debut project, “Four Strings Confessions.” Sereetsi now has a new project that has many agog for April 27, the date of its release.

He explains his creative bustle while putting the project together: “I think I was much more comfortable this time around. My chops have also improved, if I may say so myself. I think the songs go to places I have never gone to before with ‘Four String Confessions,’ creatively speaking. I have brought more of my other influences into the mix and I think I have found a happy medium where they all sit nicely together and add a few more layers to the sound of Sereetsi & The Natives.”

The album remains untitled because that step is usually informed by how songs are tied to one another, Sereetsi says, permitting an insight into something of his philosophy and approach.  “The album is not titled yet.  I am left with three songs to complete the work. I believe a title will happen after I put those to tape. I am not a great fan of having a song title as an album title.”

On where these songs are sourced from, he states that they are resonant with “village life.”  He continues: “The songs are about matshelo a batho ko gae. There are songs about love and relationships – the beauty, the complications and the pain. I write about the need for us to go back to earth and allow it to feed us again. There would probably be a song about bo-mpopi. The poetry and storytelling are still there. So is the humour.”

From a compositional standpoint, Sereetsi says he has a few favourites. “I have a few favourites that I am proud of. To name one, there is a song called ‘Maobenka.’ It is very simple, playful and groovy. I would like to think that it captures the spirit of the album.”

He explains his collaborations thus: “I am co-producing with a wonderful Swedish native named Mikael Rosen. He also plays keys and drums on some of the songs. He will mix and master the album as well. This is pretty much the same hat that he wore on ‘Four Strings’ Confessions. For the first time on record, we will have an electric guitar, thanks to Gomotsegang Rapoo who has been rocking out with me for the past two or so years. Then there is Sakkie Nonong on bass and Leroy Nyoni on drums. I also have some musicians that I met and jammed with on my international dates recording some parts on this one.”

Seeretsi has great expectations for the album. “I am confident that it will be out on time despite the fact that I have not yet closed off new material,” he says. “I am still looking to write a few more new songs for the album. It will be available on all major online platforms, including my website, We are trying to put it into brick wall shops across the country. God willing, we will have a major retailer helping out with the distribution.”