Senamolela’s work tells the story of Covid-19

Visual artist, Emmanuel Senamolela is one of the artists who are set to exhibit at an upcoming exhibition scheduled to take place at Thapong Visual Arts Gallery.

Senamolela was amongst the artists who heeded a call by Thapong to create artworks during lockdown. Deadline for submissions of work for those who wish to be part of the exhibition is July 31st.

In an interview, Senamolela explains that in total, he has created five artworks. The pieces, which are going into the firing stage of production in the coming week, are ideal for hanging on the walls or in the garden. At the moment, he might do other works around Covid-19 if he is commissioned.

“Right now, the issue is whether they can sell in the market, and you have to take into consideration the fact that materials are expensive,” he said.

In an interview, he explained that this year had not been easy at all with everything that has been happening due to Covid-19. His five pieces were mostly created during lockdown.

Senamololela is a ceramic artist who hails from Mmankgodi. He explained that he became very emotional during lockdown, and that he had to find alternative ways to cope.

“I had to find other means of pouring my emotions into my work,” he said.
One of his pieces is titled a Mad Lion. The Corona pandemic, he said is like an enemy similar to a mad lion in the middle of a town that attacks everyone it comes across,” he explained. He further said that like everyone across the world, it was his hope that  this enemy will give up, and let the world rejoice.

The message behind his work is that the public must be safe at all times. “Stay away from the enemy. Wash your hands regularly. Abide by the rules and regulations so as to overcome the enemy,” he explained.