WesBank Airshow needs to grow bigger


Matsieng Aerodrome, which has become the ‘home of the airshow’, once again hosted throngs of aviation fans this past weekend in Rasesa. The activity filled day catered fun and excitement for enthusiasts from all over Southern Africa.

The excitement of the event was without fail, provided by airplane activities which included the: Botswana Skydive Parachute Drop; T5 Harvard’s ‘Puma Energy Flying Lions’ with their vibrant formations; Raptors RV-Formation by Pierre Gouws; the popular ‘Team X-treme’ comprising of Nigel, Mark Hill, Mark S, Jason; Pitts Special Formation by Good Year Eagles and the memorable L29 Albatross Jet flame by Glen Warden.

The show was also hosted various vendors from the business community with a view to continuing to pursue the mandate of economic diversification. Wesbank director Kgopodiso Basiami, stated that: “The show offers a unique opportunity to cross promote and network with business personnel  Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have the opportunity to sell their products and services at the air show stalls as well.”

Although the show delivered in terms of typical aviation tricks, the eight year old event is slow to incorporate bigger and more refreshing sky thrills to their line-up. There is also a clear gap in how the programme is run, as often directors of aviation serials struggle to find time to be available for interviews on the day.

“The organisers of Botswana Airshow 2018 would like to express its gratitude to the many sponsors, benefactors, participants and the visiting public who have all contributed towards making the Botswana Airshow a success for years and we are all looking forward to welcoming everybody next year,” stated the commentator.

Lady Khama Charitable Trust became beneficiaries of a P50, 000 donation by the event.

“The airshow is something we look forward to every year, and we would love to see it growing beyond what it is now,” stated a reveler.