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Who Am I Poetry Sessions

Who Am I Poetry Sessions
May 17
14:52 2018

With its encouraging aim to assist in the cultivation of young talent in Botswana, ‘Who Am I’, which is the brainchild of media personality Khumo Kgwaadira, is embarking on a new project—poetry sessions. The first event is to be held on May 24th at Culture Art Café at Molapo Crossing.


“We are looking to provide an authentic platform for youth from all walks of life to come and display their talents, specifically in poetry.  Poetry is a powerful tool and an important art form for any age group. The event will be well documented. Brand growth is of paramount importance as it is a way of attracting people from all over the globe,” said Kgwaadira.


In the few years since its inception, Who Am I has carried out a variety of successful projects, explains Kgwaadira. “One such a project is the Who Am I School Tour. The Who Am I team set out on a nationwide secondary school tour to inspire student communities to self-actualize, help lay a solid foundation as well as assist in channeling their ideas for the future. Another initiative we have started here at Who Am I is the Who Am I breakfast sessions. This was launched in May 2017. The driving force behind this project is to build a culture of togetherness and empowerment amongst young women within our society. These sessions provide a platform for women to come and share their daily experiences and challenges. A variety of guest speakers are chosen for each session. The end goal is to raise young confident and successful women. Visiting schools, hosting breakfast sessions as well as our strong online presence has helped us to connect with a large number of youth throughout the country. We are always excited about youth who are enthusiastic and keen on working with us.”


The show will feature poets such as Gomolemo Motsamai, Poetik Enigma, Jade Solomon, Sebaga Manyapetsa and others. Tickets to the show are currently available. For more on the event, visit their Facebook Page ‘Who Am I.”

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