A Taste of Chinese Chan

On March 17th 2018,LongquanBohua Temple in Botswana welcomed over twenty local fans to learn and experience Buddhist meditation, the very first course on Chan practice offered at the temple. It was led by Venerable Master Xianshan, the resident monk at Bohua Temple, and lasted for two and a half hours.

The teaching session began at 10am in the morning.  Master Xianshan offered a Dharma talk on the importance and benefits of meditation and how quiet sitting aids indevelopment of concentration and insight. He emphasized on mind cultivationand how Chan practice helps in opening up from within the compassion and wisdom,and therefore brings emotional control, calmness, peace and joy to everyday life.After the detailed instructions by Master Xianshan on sitting posture and method of regulating the breath, participants enjoyed sessions of sitting meditation and walking meditation led by the Master.

To reflect on this special day-visit at the temple, Kabo, the organizer and martial art coach, shared his deep appreciation with MasterXianshan:

“Let me thank you for availing your time for this program of meditation in the Bohua Temple. I am very touched and honored to have started the program. We all love and cherish Chinese culture dearly and today we had the opportunity to be taught the correct meditation by a qualified Monk from Beijing,Master Xianshan. After doing martial art Taiji for so many years, at last we have people who will support us in complimenting other aspects of it – meditation. Monk Shan, you have no idea how much we appreciate your efforts and knowledge regarding how we feel. Once again, thanks for starting the mutual relationship with us, and we are available for supporting Bohua Temple in any way…..XieXie (Thank you).”

One of the participants,Moratiwa, also wrote after participating the program,

“After experiencing the class on meditation techniques and having had a warm welcome at the temple, I felt inspired and loved. The walking meditation that concentrates on the right step and then left step, helped me to stay focused on the present moment, and slow down. It helped me to feel more emotionally organized and I was inspired to do some internal filing. I was grateful for the company of others, the gifts, and the loving care at the temple. The caring made my heart smile and a ray of sunshine entered my soul. Thank you.”