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‘Ba Swabile’ – Khama to opposition politicians

‘Ba Swabile’ – Khama to opposition politicians
January 29
11:26 2018
  • Tawana confesses that he believed Khama would refuse to relinquish power when his term ends


Outgoing president, Dr. Ian Khama had the last laugh at the Maun Kgotla on Thursday as he poured scorn on opposition politicians who had predicted that he will seek to overstay his mandate as state president.

Khama told multitudes of BaTawana who had thronged the Kgotla to bid him farewell that opposition politicians ran a campaign to tarnish his name. According to Khama, they suggested that he will refuse to step down when his term of office comes to an end.

Khama charged: ‘Ba swabile,’ which translates “They have eaten humble pie.” He wondered why he would seek to prolong his stay in power when he has always stepped down from different positions he has held in his career.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Maun West Constituency and also Paramount Chief of the BaTawana confessed that he shared opposition politician’s sentiments on Khama’s dictatorial tendencies and that he would refuse to step down when his mandate expire. “But you proved us wrong,” he conceded.

Tawana, who was in a conciliatory mood, expressed a wish for an improved relationship between him and Khama outside politics. The two politicians are retiring from active politics, Khama at the end of march while Tawana will leave at the end of his parliamentary term in 2019.  The two had fallout and for the past few years had an acrimonious relationship.

Tawana also lectured Khama on key aspects of Ngwato history. He encouraged him to read especially books on the latter’s father, Sir Seretyse Khama, as they carry important  aspects of history Khama does not know.

President Khama thanked the BaTawana for a warm welcome and promised that he will continue working for the nation.

“I have decided to go back to Serowe to help Kgosi Kgamane as Kgosi ya Bangwato and I will still go around the country serving the people,” he said.

In President Khama’s gift pack from the BaTawana was a herd of 39 cattle, a donkey, and P30, 100.00 in cash.


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