Balopi launches a broadside at Boko


The Secretary General of the Botswana Democratic Party Mpho Balopi has launched a blistering tirade against the leader of opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) last week.

Balopi was speaking in response to UDC president Advocate Duma Boko’s words against a mass corralling of gifts destined to President Ian by Batswana in villages, as he nears retirement.

Balopi told the media in a press briefing that Khama did not force anyone to give Khama gifts.

He lamented that these gifts are voluntary gesture of appreciation coming from genuine Batswana who are thankful to Khama for his diligent and thorough leadership for the past ten years.

Balopi further reasoned that all presidents of tehe country who had stepped down from power every have always been showered with gifts.

He singled out the founding President Sir Seretse Khama as the only one who was not afforded the opportunity of receiving gifts in his departure as he died in office.

He further buttressed his arguments arguing that the offering of gifts is in accordance with the Setswana Culture.

The outspoken Balopi said, Boko is motivated by the populist tendencies and ill will against Khama, he said this is regarded wrong by the self-proclaimed legal gladiator because it is khama.

He questioned why these issues are arising at the moment while the gifting of gifts to president has always been welcomed.

Balopi said it is the opposition that should be accounting to scores of Batswana as they asked them to contribute money for the investigation around circumstances surrounding the death of former Botswana Movement for Democracy President Gomolemo Motswaledi.

The leader of opposition Advocate Duma Boko had accused Khama of greed and stealing from the poor saying that according to the law, a public office bearer should declare the gifts that he receives while in the public office.  

For his part the founding President of Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Michael Dingake said through his Facebook page, that if he was in the shoes of President Khama he would not accept the gifts.

Dingake said at one point when he was a Member of Parliament in the 7th parliament , he assisted employers who were denied terminal benefits by a certain employer , to their delight after the issue was resolved,  one employee came with an envelope with money and presented it to Dingake as token of gratitude , which he declined.