BCP’s ‘fifth columnist’ joins BDP

  • BCP says Keleagetse’s defection confirms its suspicions
  • Keleagetse describes BDP as “the most organised party”


Suspended former BCP council candidate for Monarch North in Francistown West, Isaac Keleagetse, has defected to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party.

He made his move in the melee of the festive season two weeks ago. Confirming his defection to Global Post last Friday, he described the BDP as “the most organised party in Botswana”.

Keleagetse ran in the 2014 general elections on the BCP ticket but lost to BDP’s Godfrey Kaelo. Rumours are flying thick and fast in Francistown West that the biblical three pieces of silver in the form of financial assistance was used to lure him to the BDP.

The BCP had slapped the youthful politician with an indefinite suspension amid allegations that he was attacking his party’s leadership on social media platforms and recruiting BCP members to join the ruling party.

He denied the accusations, saying his suspension was taken by ‘emotional’ people who did not follow party procedure. Keleagetse also challenged the branch committee’s capacity to suspend him, arguing that only the party’s disciplinary committee had the powers to suspend members.

According to him, six members of the BCP’s ward committee have resigned in the wake of his defection. The Regional Chairman of the BCP, Dickson Dingalo, has described Keleagetse’s defection as a great loss to his party. “We lost a hard working young man who was always active,” Dingalo said.

Even so, Dingalo sees this development as affirmation of their suspicions that Keleagetse had always wanted to jump ship. “We have been monitoring him for the past two years,” he said.

According to Dingalo, the BCP must undergo a thorough introspection to curb more defections. “We are taking a membership audit to determine exactly how many members we have,” he said, adding that a painful aspect of the audit was to try and address grievances raised by members.