BMD frozen out of UDC


The Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) scoffed at and jammed a backhanded attempt by its senior partners in the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) coalition to register a new constitution with the Registrar of Societies.

BMD, through its National Spokesperson Winfred Rasina confirmed through a written statement to the Global Post that the Registrar of Societies confirmed that “indeed there was an instrument submitted in the name of the UDC and we were further provided with a copy of such.”

Rasina stated that they together with the Botswana Peoples Party (BPP) they had approached the Registrar of Societies to ascertain whether indeed an attempt had been made after learning of the registration attempt.

Rasina’s statement on the matter notes: “Our view, a view we hold together with the BPP, and a view we believe we hold together with the Botswana National Front (BNF) is that a mistake was made as such an instrument is not the instrument that we at the BMD recognise to have been an amended constitution agreed by the UDC, the statement reads in part before noting in jest, “This is the position also held by the BPP. A position we believe is also held by the BNF.”

BMD also states that UDC’s new constitution can only be signed for and submitted together with a resolution of BMD, BPP and the BNF to accommodate the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) as a member of the UDC.

The statement also makes it clear to all and sundry that the BCP is not yet an official member of the coalition.

 We henceforth are making a kind reminder and indeed a submission that only the BNF, the BPP and the BMD may submit an amended constitution to the Registrar of Societies.

BMD also states it has together with the BPP notified the registrar through letters distancing themselves “from whatever instrument he has received; purported to be a new UDC constitution.”

BMD also states that it has also furnished the Registrar of Societies with an amended constitution as agreed for by the member parties of the UDC.

When contacted for comment, BNF Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa said he had no new information to give.

When probed further he stated that as far as he was concerned the constitution was register the last time.

He also refused to reveal who submitted the new constitution to the registrar.

BMD President Sidney Pilane did not return text messaging requesting his opinion.

The close brotherhood between BMD and BPP which are junior partners in the coalition is not surprising.

The two parties held a clandestine meeting early this year. The brotherhood was also sealed when BMD strong-armed BCP into ceding Francistown West constituency in exchange for Maun West constituency.