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Boko in dead heat with BNF central committee

Boko in dead heat with BNF central committee
April 24
09:34 2018


The President of the Botswana National Front (BNF) Advocate Duma Boko and the party’s 18 member Central Committee (BNFCC) are eyeballing each other in a deadly game of chicken.

Boko, The Global Post has been made to understand, operates and maneuvers as a lone ranger within the party’s governing body.

Sources who spoke with this publication recently stated that the entire BNF Central Committee has shifted their alliance from Boko, either to a faction under the control of Vice President Reverend Dr. Prince Dibeela or have taken independent non-factional positions.

This publication has also been informed that Boko’s last vestiges of support have deserted him.

These include BNF Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa, councilor Tona Mooketsi and party Spokesperson Justin Hunyepa.

One of his last loyalists is said to be Kwenantle Gaseitsewe albeit being in disagreement with Boko’s dalliance with the Democratic Alliance (DA) of South Africa.

Gaseitswe, a staunch BNF hardliner was said to have preferred the opposition parties’ reiteration of ties with the South African Communist Party instead of cozying up to DA.

Even worse, Boko’s additional member appointee to the Central Committee known as Mma Basimanebotlhe is said to have shifted alliances.

A BNF CC meeting held at Sedibeng lodge recently embargoed Boko from attending the DA federal elective congress on April 7th but Boko went anyway.

Sources who spoke to the Global Post related that even though the committee disapproved of Boko’s trip, “the issue never just went anywhere.”

Sources have also stated that Boko is against the holding of central committee meetings in his absence.

He is said to maintain a lackadaisal attitude to convening the steering committee as he once downplayed the importance of the discussions arising from the deliberations.

“He once told us that he has better things to do,” a source narrated in respect to Boko sitting in a central committee meeting.

BNF central committee members who preferred to be interviewed on condition of anonymity for fear of victimization also noted that at the moment, even though the majority of members are ambivalent to Boko’s style of leadership, the members are taking care not to make any move against him because they would risk wrecking the public confidence on the opposition prospects.

Sources have also stated that the idea of a special congress is gaining traction even though the committee is divided on it.


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