Charges hang over Legae’s girlfriend


The girlfriend of the slain outlaw, Adolphus Mogakolodi Legae, is yet to know whether she will face any charges five months after the execution of her fugitive boyfriend back in November 2017.

Her two mobile phones are also yet to be returned since they were confiscated by law enforcement authorities shortly after the killing, whose details shocked the country.

The Global Post has been made aware that the 33-year-old girlfriend, whose names are known to this publication, has since moved out of her rented one-roomed house where Legae was slain.

This publication has also been made to understand that the girlfriend and her second youngest child who witnessed Legae’s killing have yet to see a psychologist, even though psychological help was offered to her neighbours after the killing.

Sources who spoke to this publication have narrated how the child often wakes up in the middle of the night and proclaim :”Mama ba bolaile malome,” meaning, they have killed uncle.

Sometime after the killing, when washing her blankets, Legae’s girlfriend is said to have discovered a bullet lodged in a heavy Chinese Moimoi-style blanket.

She apparently had the intention to keep the bullet as some sort of memento to show her youngest child one of the slugs that ended the life of his father, but was subsequently advised by her brother, said to be a soldier to discard it.

The advice to dispose of the bullet was motivated by the fear of its discovery by law enforcement officers who might assume the live bullet was part of the ammunition harbored in the house.

In an irony of ironies, the girlfriend is said to have passed her last modules, written at the time of her ordeal with flying colours, most of them with the A* mark.

Sources have further told this publication that the girlfiend, who now holds down a job at one of the KFC outlets in town, has lost a great amount of weight.

The quartet of Legae, a Namibian, a Malawian and a South African had escaped from Nietverdiend Police Station cells in Zeerust, South Africa on the 22nd of November 2017.

Only the Malawian was immediately rearrested.

The three of the detainees were awaiting extradition proceedings to their countries.

This publication has it on good authority that the Malawian fingered the late Legae as the mastermind of the jail break.

It is alleged that the Malawian blamed the bogged down extradition proceedings as the number one motivating factor for agreeing to bolt out.

This publication has been told that after escaping the Zeerust police station cells situated on the Zeerust-Gaborone road, the quartet at some point walked some 40 kilometers to the South Africa-Botswana border.

After entering the country, the four are alleged to have hailed two taxi cabs somewhere in the vicinity of Tlokweng.

This publication has also been told that the men then proceeded to direct the cabbies to a certain yard in Tlokweng.

When they arrived at the yard, Legae is reported to have negotiated to collect the fare from a house inside the yard.

It is also understood that the rest remained outside.

Legae is reported to have entered through the front gate, exited at the back and disappeared into the night.

The police are alleged to have gotten wind of Legae’s trail at this point.

This publication has also been made aware that the police failed to capture Legae at African Mall where he had apparently rendezvoused.

Legae would rock up at his girlfriend’s house in Block 6 around 1am Saturday morning all the while under apparent police surveillance.

The dragnet would finally fully close in on him the following morning.

He would be shot and killed by security agents inside his girlfriend’s small room.

But before he was shot, Legae is reported to have tried to swallow his simcard.

When he couldn’t swallow it he slipped it between his body and pants.